8 New Kids Added!

New Kids on the Block

Meet this week’s New Kids on the Block: Leo, Kai, DJ, Wen, Leila, Little Leo, Finn, and Isla. If you’re interested in learning more about any of our new kids, contact our China matching specialists today at (5120323-9595!

LeoLeo is an amazing 12-year old boy who was hosted in the United States in early summer! Here’s what Leo’s host mom has to say about him:

“Leo is a 12 year old orphan from China residing in Wisconsin until July 10. At that time he will return to his orphanage in China. It is our family’s intention to connect this sweet boy with his forever family so that he can return to the US as quickly as possible. Leo is full of joy and smiles, and loves music. He has taken a liking to American music and sings along often and also has been singing in Chinese. He also plays the piano in our home nearly every day. Though he doesn’t play a familiar tune, he plays it appropriately and even looks at the song books as he is playing. He also likes to push buttons and play with toys that make noise or move. Therefore, he has been drawn to toys that typically get played with by toddlers. He didn’t know any English when he arrived, but he has quickly learned some words and is very good at mimicking words and phrases that are spoken to him. We have also developed some hand motions to communicate. He can let us know when he is hungry, thirsty, finished, or needs to use the restroom. He also understands some of our hand motions which has helped with our communication. He is a very affectionate boy that loves to hug, hold hands, and snuggle on your lap. He is also very silly. He often does things to make the family laugh like wearing silly hats, and dancing around and laughing. Leo also loves to be in motion. He really enjoys riding in a car and giggles as we go up and down hills every single time. Swinging is his favorite activity at the park and he screamed and laughed with amazement as we went down waterslides. Leo has a diagnosis of PKU (Phenylketonuria) which is a genetic metabolic disorder that means he does not digest protein like most people. Leo will need to be on a special diet to address his PKU diagnosis. While here he has been an incredible eater! He is open to almost all foods including fruits and vegetables and he ate all of the special low protein foods that are manufactured for those with PKU that we offered him.”

This boy need consistent care and a forever home! Please reach out if you’d like to review his file!

KaiKai is an adorable 8-year old boy in need of a forever home! Kai is developmentally delayed and has strabismus, meaning that his eye turns inward slightly. He was hosted in the United States in early summer and has made amazing progress in the short time he has been with a family! He has bonded well with his host parents, and is described as a friendly kiddo who is very kind and pleasant to those he meets. He has a cheerful spirit and loves to laugh. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!DJDJ has it all – a great smile, a big heart, and an open mind to snapping photos with us! He was an all around sweet kiddo who said he’d like a new toy for Chinese New Year. He does well in school and has pretty handwriting. He knows his numbers in English, and we think he’d thrive in any family! He will be hosted this July in the United States, so please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more or speak with his host family!WenNKotBWen is a beautiful 12-year old girl who was hosted in the United States early this summer! Here’s more information about Wen from her host mother:

“Meet Wen! She is the bravest 12 year old girl that I know. This particular girl is sweet, intelligent, and very playful. She loves animals and children. I have been impressed by her maturity and the way she takes responsibility to help out around the house. She has had formal schooling in China and is right on part emotionally and cognitively with other children her age. Her condition of cleft lip and palate does not interfere with her communication abilities. She has a rich vocabulary and has picked up some words in English just over a few days. I can tell you that she will likely need bone graph surgery in the near future and dental work. Fortunately, this condition is easily corrected in the United States and insurance will pay for it. I have two children with this condition and work with a great team of doctors that have guided me in their care. I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this!!! She is a special child who deserves a loving family.”

Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!

LeilaLeila is a smart 13-year old girl who is healthy! She is aging out this December, so Great Wall is working hard to find her a family. She will be hosted in the United States this summer, and interested families may be able to meet her! She loves to write, and has written a science fiction novel that has been published on the internet! She does very well in school and hopes to be a writer as an adult as well. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!Leo1Leo is a sweet kiddo who is about to turn 7 years old! He has developmental delays as a result of growing up in the orphanage, but he seems to be doing great overall. Leo was hosted in the United States this summer for a month and has made leaps and bounds since arriving! He has made incredible progress with his muscle strength, learning capacity, and English vocabulary! He giggles often and has a big belly laugh that has brought a lot of joy to his host family. His host family describes him as incredibly adaptable and resilient. He has been able to adjust to any situation that he is given, and has an incredible ability to develop trusting relationships with both adults and children. He loves his host brother and would has made great connections with both parents, grandparents, and neighbors. He is a loving and bright kiddo who has made a lasting impact on everyone he has met. Please reach out to Great Wall if you’d like to learn more!FinnFinn is a cutie who is 2 years old! He has a special need that affects the development of his teeth. Finn seems to be developing well physically and cognitively. His file indicates that he has been hitting his developmental milestones. He can understand simple language and commands and knows how to communicate with his caretakers. Finn’s file is very limited so we are currently trying to get some more information on him! Please contact our matching specialists if you’d like to learn more about him!IslaIsla is a sweet little girl from China that is 2 and a half years old. Isla has cerebral palsy and because of a slight enlargement of ventricular system noted on her CT scan, her file suggests that she might have communicating hydrocephalus, although it sounds like that has not been confirmed yet.

Isla can sit by herself, but she cannot yet walk by herself, although she is able to walk when someone is holding her by the armpits. She can grasp objects such as toys and she can crawl. Isla is not talking yet. Isla tends to be more timid and quiet. She is close with the other children in her orphanage that are in her class. Isla’s favorite toys are balls and stuffed animals.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Isla. We hope we are able to find Isla her Forever Family soon!

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