Student Exchange – Connecting Adoptive Families

Student exchange means something just a little bit different here at SAE. For us, student exchange started with an adoption journey. Our partner organization, Children of All Nations, saw the joy in one of the families who had adopted from China. We saw the connection that student exchange brought to that adoptive child to be connected back to their culture, to share in that experience with another child and with their family.


For us, the adoption journey never stops – it’s the commitment of a lifetime, and one we’re thrilled to be a part of at this stage!

Hosting an exchange student is an amazing experience for adoptive and potential adoptive families alike. It offers so many opportunities to families and students alike. Through student exchange, you can:

  • Connect your child with his/her birth culture – all from home
  • Introduce a student to American culture and to your family
  • Help a student adjust to a new culture through your valuable experience as a parent
  • Show students that loving families come in so many different forms
  • Still preparing for adoption? This is great way to learn about your child’s culture before he or she arrives!

You can read more about the requirements to become a host family on our Host Family Page, and you can contact us at to ask for more information on our students who are waiting.

We have students waiting to find a host family, so whether you’ve adopted, are considering adoption, or are simply wanting to experience another culture, we’d love to introduce you to some of the amazing kids who hope to spend a year in the US this school year. You can visit our photolisting at this link, and if you’re ready to get started, you can start your application today!

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