I Found My Family!

dsc_0181You may recognize this kiddo, as we’ve shared his pictures before. He participated in our Orphan Hosting program last year, and went by the nickname “The Man of Steel” because he was wearing a Superman shirt when our hosting interview team first met him. We are THRILLED to be sharing his photo again, as this superhero has a family that is working towards bringing him home forever!

It is so amazing to see another Orphan Hosting story turn into an adoption journey! Congratulations to our Man of Steel and his new Forever Family, we can’t wait to see you come home!

We are currently matching families for our winter Orphan Hosting program. Visit our Orphan hosting photo listing or contact our hosting coordinators at shannon@gwca.org to learn how you can give the gift of family this holiday season.

– Click here to visit our Orphan Hosting photo listing! –


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