Great Wall China Adoption Blog: December 12, 2012

Hello GWCA Families,

With the holidays (quickly) approaching, I wanted to share a couple of Christmas traditions and craft ideas from our Pinterest page!

Have you ever thought about incorporating food from China in your Christmas dinner?  What about making Christmas ornaments that are China-themed?  You can put little framed pictures from your little one on “Gotcha Day” on the tree or even a glass ornament with a cut-out of China in it.  The sky is the limit on creating Chinese crafts for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, have you thought about a gift for Dad?!  There are so many wonderful gift ideas out there, especially for a daddy who has adopted!  A nicely framed family picture is always great for his desk at work…and don’t forget to set out those cookies for Santa!  😉

Happy Holidays,

Lizzie Kovach

Adoption Consultant/Outreach and Promotions Manager

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