Great Wall China Adoption Blog: December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays GWCA Families,

I love helping families at the beginning of their adoption journey in China.  There are many prospective adoptive parents who have done extensive research before calling (which is wonderful!), but it is always good to know current information on China adoption.  Sometimes, families have found adoption myths in their research, and I’d like to discuss some of those adoption myths for you:

MYTH #1: China is closing to international adoption.

–This is not true!  China’s wait for the Healthy Track has continued to get longer, but this does not mean China is closing for international adoption.  In fact, China’s waiting child program is growing and becoming a wonderful, positive program for children and families!  China even continues to make huge investments in international adoption and visits the U.S. to foster relationships abroad and see their adopted children thriving!

MYTH #2: China has plenty of healthy children waiting in orphanages.

–Many young, healthy children in China are now being placed with families in China.

MYTH #3: Only girls are available in China.

–This might be true for the healthy child track, but virtually just as many boys are available as girls through the waiting child program.

MYTH #4: Large families cannot adopt.

–What a myth! Large families have adopted with our agency before.  We have had many families that have more than 5 children get waivers from China to adopt…and our agency is happy to support your family through the adoption process.

MYTH #5: We are too old to adopt.

–So many families think they are not eligible to adopt after the age of 50.  This is not true! China does set an age restriction on the age of the child you can adopt for the healthy child track, but there are possibilities for you to adopt through a waiting child

If you ever have questions about adoption myths you may have heard, feel free to contact me anytime at Elizabeth@childrenofallnations.comor 512-323-9595 x3091


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