Great Wall China Adoption Blog: January 16, 2013

Dear Great Wall Families,

It is getting chilly…winter is definitely here!  Many of our families are in the middle of traveling or possibly just got home from picking up their kiddo from China!  Re-adoption is so important to finalize the adoption process, so I would love to tell you more about this process and why it is key for all families to complete.

GWCA Re-adoption and Finalization Services-

Many families make the journey to China to pick up their child and finalize the adoption in the child’s country of origin. While this is a special part of the adoption journey, it is also very important for a family to re-adopt their child in the United States.

Why re-adopt in the United States?

  • To gain a domestic Adoption Decree and Birth Certificate, issued in a form that is accepted in all domestic courts and recognized by American institutions. There have been some cases where U.S. courts have not been able to “recognize” a foreign adoption decree, and/or children have not been able to participate in activities that require a United States Birth Certificate.
  • Domestic adoption and birth records are available in the United States. The replacement of foreign birth certificates and adoption records may be impossible to obtain. At a minimum, the replacement process may be very time consuming and expensive.
  • To change the name of the child: If there is a change to a child’s legal name after their entry into the United States, a family must re-adopt, and then re-apply to USCIS for a new Certificate of Citizenship to establish this revision.
  • To request an amended date of birth: Sometimes, an adopted child may appear older or younger than the original date of birth. If medical evidence of a different date of birth is obtained, it is possible to request an amended birth date during a re-adoption, and then re-apply to USCIS for a new Certificate of Citizenship containing the revised date.
  • To guarantee your child’s right to inheritance in every state: Not all states recognize the validity of foreign adoption decrees in all legal cases. If there were ever a question as to whether a child was eligible to receive inheritance or other legal benefit, the re-adoption provides a domestic record of a child’s legal status.
  • To obtain school benefits: From a practical stand-point, many school systems
    require a domestic final order of adoption or domestic birth certificate in order to qualify for activities, benefits, etc. In some instances, colleges require a domestic final order prior to admittance.

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