GWCA Signs 12th Orphanage Partnership!

Great Wall China Adoption is pleased to announce that we have just signed our 12th Orphanage Partnership!

What is an Orphanage Partnership?iStock_000013201987XSmall

All around China there are countless children sitting in orphanages waiting to find their Forever Family. Typically, when a child’s file is prepared for international adoption, it is released to a shared list where agencies can request their file to help advocate for their adoption. While some of these children’s files will be requested right away, others sit on the shared list for longer periods of time with no one advocating on their behalf. However, when an orphanage creates a partnership with an adoption agency such as GWCA, they are able to send us files directly as soon as they have been prepared, rather than adding them to the shared list. This allows the us to begin advocating for each kiddo right away, giving our agency the opportunity to help connect more orphans with loving and permanent Forever Families.

Why do our Orphanage Partnerships matter to our families?

Since we are periodically receiving new children’s files from each of our 12 Orphanage Partnerships, there are constantly new smiling faces on our China Waiting Child Photo Listing! Since these kids’ files have never been on the shared list, we love giving our families the opportunity to be among the first to review their files with the hope that they can take the next step in their journey towards bringing them home forever!

As we see the number of orphanages partnering with GWCA continue to increase, families can expect to see more and more of their kiddos on our China Waiting Child Photo Listing! If your family is interested in adopting from China, we encourage you to reach out to our adoption specialists, or visit our photo listing to learn how you can begin your adoption journey today!

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