I Found My Family!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that this incredible boy has a family who is currently working their way through the adoption process to bring him home forever!

After participating in our China Orphan Hosting program this past winter, he had to return to China with the rest of the kids in the program, and we were so sad to see him go. Since then, countless #OrphanWarriors have come together to advocate on his behalf, and their hard work certainly paid off!

We are so happy to know that this sweet kiddo will soon be coming back to the United States with his Forever Family, and we can’t wait to follow the rest of his journey home. Congratulations to him and his new family from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

The Difference that Hosting Makes

When many families first hear about our Orphan Hosting program, they struggle with the concept of bringing a child to the United States and showing them the love of a family only to send them back home weeks later. These are certainly complex matters to handle, both for the child being hosted and for the host family. However, when you see the difference that hosting can make in helping older children find homes before they age out, the pros of the program far outweigh the cons.

While many of these kids’ files have been sitting on lists for months or even years, constantly overlooked due to their age, our hosting program gives families the opportunity to meet them, get to know their personalities, and help them to find a family of their very own. If you’re interested in learning how you can participate in our Orphan Hosting program or how you can adopt a child who has previously been hosted, contact GWCA today!


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