I’m Coming Home!

There’s nothing like being able to hold your family in your arms even when they’re thousands of miles away. Lucky for this little guy, this pillow from his care package is about to be replaced by the real deal–this week, his family is heading to China to bring him home forever! While the pillow that his family sent him was a great way for him to familiar himself with their faces throughout their adoption journey, he will finally have them right by his side. This is a moment that both he and his new forever family have been waiting for for quite some time and we’re so happy that it has finally arrived!

Congratulations to this little guy and his new family, and safe travels as you make your way home!

China Waiting Child Adoption

This little guy, who we advocated for with the nickname “Matthew,” was matched with his family through China’s Special Focus adoption track. In this track, families can be matched with a child at any point in the process – even if they haven’t completed all of their adoption paperwork. As such, when his family found him they were able to request to be matched with him right away!

GWCA is currently advocating for over 60 Waiting Children who are in need of families. These kiddos’ limited profiles can be found on our China Waiting Child photo listing. and their full files can be requested by contacting our adoption specialists. For more information on how you can adopt a child from China, visit GWCA’s website or contact us today!


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