January Sponsored Star Finds Forever Family!


GWCA’s January Sponsored Star Finds Forever Family!

A family has begun submitting their paperwork to bring our January Sponsored Star home FOREVER! We are so incredibly excited for this little guy and his new Forever Family, and we can’t wait to see them come home!

As our Sponsored Star for January, this kiddo had a $2,000 grant available towards his adoption fees. Each month, this grant is awarded to a new kiddo from one of our Orphanage Partnerships. If you are interested in learning more about our Sponsored Star grants, contact our China Matching Team today, or check back on February 1st to meet our newest Sponsored Star!

December Sponsored Star Still Waiting

Cody - Grant - Blog photoGWCA’s Sponsored Star for December, Cody, is still in need of a Forever Family. As his file will be returned in just a few short days, we would encourage any families that are interested in learning more about Cody to visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing, and reach out to our China Adoption Specialists today!

“Cody is an amazing little boy and I have been so happy to advocate for him over the past few months.  This little guy deserves a wonderful, loving forever family that will give him all of the one-on-one attention he has been lacking.  He has totally captured my heart and I hope that he will capture yours.” – GWCA’s China Matching Specialists

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