Lincoln Has a $2,000 Grant!

As our Sponsored Star, Lincoln has a $2,000 grant available towards his adoption fees! If you are interested in seeing Lincoln’s file or learning how you can be matched with him, visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing or contact our China Matching Team today!

Lincoln has medical needs which require urgent attention, so we are so hopeful that he will find his family very soon! He is a sweet 4 and a half year old boy who is described by his caretakers as being very cute, cooperative and smart. Lincoln gets along well with other children and enjoys playing games and participating in group activities. He is good at following directions and will often help his caretakers with their chores.  Sometimes when he sees that his caretakers are tired he will give them little back massages to help make them feel better.

Lincoln has a very serious congenital heart defect (CHD) and he needs medical attention. Due to the complexity of his heart condition, he is no longer able to receive the care he needs in China. Most likely the only chance this child has to survive and have a healthy, happy life, is if he is adopted by a family in the United States who can give him the medical care, love and attention he needs.

If you are interested in learning more about sweet Lincoln or reviewing his medical file, our China adoption specialists would be happy to speak to you and provide you with more information on his heart condition. We’re so hopeful that we will be able to help Lincoln find his family so that he can come home as quickly as possible. For more information contact GWCA today!

What is a Sponsored Star?

On the 1st of each month, Great Wall China Adoption will feature one of the kiddos from our Orphanage Partnerships as our monthly “Sponsored Star!” As our Sponsored Star, that child will be provided a $2,000 grant towards their adoption fees! Each of the kiddos selected will be a Special Focus child,  meaning they have not found their Forever Family yet due to their age, or the degree of their needs. Together, we can find loving homes for these amazing kids!

We encourage any families interested in learning more about our Sponsored Star of the Month to visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing, or contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can be matched today! Check back on the first of each month to meet the newest featured child!

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