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Did you know? In China’s Waiting Child adoption program, families can be matched with a child at any point in the process. That means you can start submitting your paperwork for a specific child as soon as you’re ready to begin your journey!

Does this mean that you should wait to get started until you’ve found your child? Not necessarily! While there are many children listed on agency’s photo listings and advocacy sites, the reality is that we receive children’s files in a variety of ways, and many children will be matched prior to being listed publicly!

Whether your family is waiting to be matched with an LID child once your dossier is logged in or you’re looking for a specific age range or need, speaking with an adoption specialist and getting started may be the quickest way to find your child.

Once you’ve started your adoption journey and discussed what you’re open to with a China adoption specialist, we’ll keep you in mind every time we receive new files from an Orphanage Partnership or when requesting files from China’s Shared List. Since our Orphanage Partnerships send us files that they’ve just finished preparing, you may receive a file that has never been reviewed by a family before. That’s how the beautiful girl pictured in this post found her family!

Are you ready to speak to an adoption specialist about finding your child? Contact GWCA today!


– Speak to a China Adoption Specialist
– Visit the Waiting Child Photo Listing
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