7 New Kids on the Block

This week there are 7 New Kids on the Block that are all in need of families. If you’re interested in learning how you can be matched with one of these kiddos or viewing their files, contact our China matching specialists or visit our photo listing today!

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Joelle is an adorable kiddo who is about to turn 4 years old! She was born with limb differences of her hands and feet. Her file was prepared in 2013 but it states that she was able to walk with corrective shoes. She was able to babble and imitate adult’s actions and words. She could listen to simple instructions and recognize familiar faces. At the time that her file was prepared she was able to grasp toys and handles with ease. Joelle loves to play with other kiddos and likes watching cartoons! Since her file was prepared a few years ago, GWCA is currently trying to learn more about her. Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to learn more about Joelle!


**GRANTS AVAILABLE** Meet Davis! He is an adorable 13-year old boy who is brave, resilient, and kind in the face of terrible tragedy. He has touched the heart of his caregivers, teachers, and advocates so much so that they have raised money for his adoption costs! Currently, Davis has about $7,000 raised towards his adoption fees, and he is eligible for an additional $10,000 through the advocacy site Reece’s Rainbow!  Davis was discovered in 2006 after surviving a terrible flood in his home town. Sadly, authorities in the area where not able to find Davis’ family, and he was taken to live in the orphanage. His medical file states that he has hydrocephalus, but advocates at his orphanage believe he instead suffered from a brain injury as a result of surviving the natural disaster. Thankfully Davis has had an incredible rehabilitation center that provided him with the support and treatment he needed in order to thrive. Thanks to the organization, Davis went from being completely dependent on his caregivers to becoming fully independent. He began to truly thrive and started to excel in both his studies and his hobbies. In February of 2015, it was discovered that Davis had a benign brain tumor on his cerebellum. The doctors performed an emergency surgery that thankfully went extremely well, and Davis once again began the long road of recovery and rehabilitation. Two months after the emergency surgery, Davis started to become independent once again. He could feed and clothe himself and began speaking again. Although his speech was slurred, he was doing better each day and was becoming more and more understandable. Doctors have stated that there is always the possibility of the tumor re-occurring, but they have continued to do follow-up scans and have stated that Davis is doing incredibly well! Davis is a resilient and brave boy who is incredibly sweet and loving despite the tragedies he has had to endure. He is learning English and is very hopeful that he can still find his forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!

Here is a blog feature about Davis (also advocated for with the name Timmy)!

Check out this video that his advocates have sent us!



Fitz is an adorable little guy who just turned 4 years old! He was born with limb differences of his arms and legs but he doesn’t let this stop him from being an active kiddo. He is described as being very cute and sensible and loves interacting with his peers! Fitz’s caretakers and our staff that met him this summer note that he is extremely smart, quick in reaction and has strong self-esteem. He is very good at expressing himself and his needs and has strong imitation skills. Although he has some limb differences, his caretakers note that he has strong self-management skills and always tries to complete things on his own! If you are interested in learning more about Fitz, contact one of our matching specialists!

Click Here to Watch All of Fitz’s Videos!



Ezra is a sweet little boy from China that is almost a year and a half old. Ezra has congenital cataracts of both eyes, but other than that he is in good physical condition. Ezra cannot see clearly, but his caretakers say that he can detect light and he will follow the light with his eyes when it changes. He has very good hearing and if someone is talking in the room or he hears a noise, he will quickly turn his head toward the sound. He likes listening to music and enjoys whenever he can play with toys that make noise. He is a well behaved child and rarely cries except when his diaper needs to be changed. His caretakers descry him as a handsome, lovely little boy and they are very hopeful he will find his Forever Family soon!

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Ezra. We hope we are able to find Ezra his Forever Family soon!

Click Here to Watch Ezra’s Video #1!

Click Here to Watch Ezra’s Video #2!


Meet Katie! Katie is an amazing 11-year old girl who is looking for a forever family! Katie’s leg grows at a faster rate than the rest of her body, but overall she is doing great. She has been taking a medication since October of 2015 that helps to slow the rate of growth in her leg. She is cognitively on-target compared to her peers and is currently learning math and English in her school! She is a quick learner and is a very curious kiddo. She loves to laugh and is always happy to help the younger kiddos in her orphanage. She is extremely extroverted and loves to talk with her caregivers as well as the other kids! She loves to run and play outside and also loves to make crafts. She is a very bright, sweet girl who would thrive with the love of a family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!

Check out Katie’s videos!

Here’s a video from one of Katie’s advocates! 


Milo is an active kiddo who is 5 years old! He is considered to have severe hearing loss but he can turn when his name is called. Milo is described as being very active and playful! He loves to play hide-and-seek with his caretaker and playing on the swings. His file indicates that he has normal physical development and his language delays are largely due to his hearing loss. Milo’s file is fairly outdated so we are trying to learn more about him. Contact GWCA if you’d like to learn more about him!


Miranda is an adorable kiddo who is 12 years old! A GWCA staff member met Miranda back in February and would be happy to speak with you about her! Her file indicates that she has a movement disorder of her legs. She walks with a walker which has helped her tremendously. She has good coordination of her hands – she can draw and write on her own. Miranda has good self-care ability and has been able to attach well to her caretakers and teachers. She gets along great with her peers and is very well liked! Miranda is quick in reaction, has a ready smile and loves to help others. She is described as being active and energetic!

Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to learn more about Miranda!

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