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GrantHello there! My name is Grant and I am 7 years old. I was born with a cleft lip and palate but some nice doctors repaired this for me and I recovered well! My caretakers say I have great self-care ability and am great at expressing my needs clearly. I am cognitively on target compared to my peers and I have a regular and consistent schedule. I love all types of sports and I especially like to dance with my friends. My caretakers say I accept new concepts very well and that I adapt to new environments easily. I hope my friends at Great Wall can help me find my forever family soon!

MatthewMatthew is a bright, outgoing, fun-loving, energetic, eager teenage boy. In the month that he spent with us, he had a lot of “firsts” – first time to ride a bike, first time eating foods from many different regions of the world, first time miniature golfing, first time driving a go-cart, first time picking berries, first time taking care of pets. The list goes on. Matthew was always eager to participate in any activity the family embarked on. Often the activities were simple, such as going for a walk to the park and feeding the ducks, or picking various summer berries either in our backyard or on a trail. Matthew found enjoyment in almost everything. You could tell because he would be smiling. There was rarely a time when our family’s activity didn’t produce a genuine smile. Matthew is an active teenage boy. When there was free time, he wanted to ride his bike, or shoot baskets, play ping-pong, or badminton. He was always eager to try a new activity like throwing a Frisbee or playing catch with a lacrosse stick. He would catch on quite quickly and seemed to be very athletic and coordinated. Matthew was also very eager to learn. When our kids would sit down to complete a math activity to keep their brains engaged over the summer, he was happy to complete whatever I gave him. He easily sped through some elementary math worksheets. He also especially liked learning English. On a number of occasions he would grab his notebook and write the Chinese and English of the words or phrases we had translated using Google translate. Of his own initiative he would sit almost daily and use Duolingo app on the iPad to learn English. He seemed very motivated and was a quick learner. He very much liked routine. One of his favorites was sitting at night with our family to read. He followed along with the reader. When we would take turns reading scripture, he was excited to be able to take his turn and read scripture out loud in Chinese. He also loved to go daily with his host mom to the grocery store helping ensure everything on the list was purchased and getting to sample the various treats at the local market. He always made sure to help push the cart, carry the groceries, and manage the list. He was learning what a mom and dad mean in a boy’s life. He mentioned in a letter that he appreciated his host mom when she cared for his scraped knee when he was learning to ride his bike. He enjoyed sitting with his host dad at night to read. He clearly respected his older host siblings and bonded easily with his host brother near in age. He was never afraid of our three animals: a small dog, cat, and kitten. At first he didn’t know what to do with them so he would just sit beside them and watch. As time went on he developed a real enjoyment of the dog and especially the kitten. He would snuggle, play, and care for them. He was eager to ensure they had food and water daily. Matthew tried and liked so many different foods while he was here. I’m not sure we had the same dinner twice the entire month he spent with us, with the exception of hamburgers (his favorite). He loved almost every kind of vegetable and fruit put in front of him and often ate those first before the main course. He happily ate Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Italian, American, and German food. He had a great appetite as evidenced by the seven pounds he gained while with us. The only three things we couldn’t convince him to eat were avocados, bell peppers, and macaroni and cheese. There was occasion to teach or modify his behavior. He accepted direction and correction easily. He wanted to please so it was relatively easy to show him how to properly do something. Natural consequences seemed to be effective as well. Matthew had a habit of racing down the stairs at home. On a number of occasions he slipped and fell. After several times or that it was easy to tell him to walk because he knew what was likely to happen if he didn’t. Matthew liked solving puzzles. He absolutely loved to have Rubix cube races with his host brother often winning. He was also quite adept at fixing bike problems. If the chain came off, or the gear needed adjusting, or the inner tube needed replacing, he would carefully consider what parts needed adjustment or how to put the pieces needed back together. He took responsibility for doing these things. Matthew would blossom and mature quickly in a family where he has older siblings from which to learn. He would do well in an active family where he can develop his natural athletic abilities either playing a team sport or running cross-country or track. He has some great traits and seems motivated to learn. However, keeping his Chinese language and culture is important to him.

JacksonHi there!  My name is Jackson and I am 2 and a half years old.  My file doesn’t clearly indicate what my special need is so my friends at Great Wall are working hard to learn more about me. I live in a foster home and receive some rehabilitation services for some muscle tension. I am described as being active, restless and I love to be cuddled and teased. I also love playing with brightly colored toys and toys that have sound. Contact my friends at Great Wall if you are interested in learning more about me!

BellaHi there! My name is Bella and I am 6 and a half years old. My doctor’s tell me that I’m a little smaller than some of my friends and I may have some developmental delays, but I don’t let that keep me down! I am a happy little girl that is active and adores my caretakers. My file is a little outdated so my friends at Great Wall are working hard to learn more about me. You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me! I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!

JingJing” is an extremely active little 8 year old boy. He has made vast improvements in the last 3 and a half weeks. Jing is very loving and fun-natured. He enjoys the smaller dogs and cats, while tolerating the bigger dogs. He is saying a few English words like, “eat, dog, cat, TV, sleep, car, go, pee pee,” and the names of family members. Jing is bright, but he does have some developmental/learning delays. He does not appear to have any signs of cerebral palsy. He has congenital heart disease with Tetralogy of Fallot 2, that was corrected with surgery when he was around one year of age. His oxygen levels are good and his heart sounds strong with no murmurs. His heart rate and blood pressure are good. Jing has mild clubbing in his fingers and toes, but it’s hardly noticeable and doesn’t seem to bother him. Jing is a good eater, dresses himself, runs and plays, and sleeps fairly well, although he does wet the bed on occasion. He enjoys swimming and tossing a ball back and forth. He also likes riding big wheel bikes and is learning how to shoot a basketball. Jing is far-sighted with some astigmatism, which was just diagnosed while he was in the US with his host family. He now wears glasses and is more engaged in following along while the host parent reads books, etc. Jing doesn’t have much interest in sitting and watching TV, although he likes having the TV on. He loves music and has enjoyed “playing” the piano with the host family’s son. Jing is also a helpful little boy, carrying groceries and trying to sweep outside. He also keeps himself clean, washing his face and brushing his teeth morning and night. He has been a blessing and joy!

VioletHello! My name is Violet and I will be 10 years old this October. My doctors tell me my right leg is a little different than some of my friends and I need assistance from a walker to get around but I don’t let this stop me from being a happy kiddo! My caretakers say that I am very polite and charming. I get along very well with other kiddos and you can often find me singing cheerful songs. My caretakers say I am always laughing all day long! I have great cognitive ability and great self-care ability. I have been receiving rehabilitation training and have been making great improvements. My file is slightly outdated so my friends at Great Wall are working hard to learn more about me! Contact Great Wall if you’d like to review my file!

TravisHello! My name is Travis and I am 8 years old. I have a repaired cleft lip and palate and I am a little bit behind my friends developmentally but I don’t let this stop me from being a happy kiddo! I have an active personality and I enjoy being a good helper to my caretakers! I love to run and jump with my friends and my favorite game is tag. My file is very outdated so my friends a Great Wall are working hard to learn more about me!

AnnabelleHi there! My name is Annabelle and I am 1 and a half years old. My doctor’s say that I am blind, but I don’t let that keep me down! My caretakers say that I am clever and cute and that my intelligence and physical development are normal. I like to play with toys and dance when I listen to music. I like to be cuddled by my caretakers and I am a smiley little girl. You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me! I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!

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