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EverettHi there! My name is Everett, and I just turned 8. I have some issues with mild incontinence, but that doesn’t keep me down! I am active, talkative, and curious. I love to ask my caretakers questions. I sleep and eat regularly. I love to play with my friends and love to get hugs from my teachers and caretakers! I hope to find a loving forever family soon. You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you’d like to find out more information about adopting me!

DukeHi! My name is Duke, and I am 11 years old. I was born with albinism and my eyes work a little differently than some of my friends, but that doesn’t stop me from being a happy kiddo! My caretakers say that I have good intelligence and language growth. My file is very outdated, so my friends at Great Wall are working hard to learn more about me. Contact Great Wall if you’d like to learn more about reviewing my file!

Jack“We had the privilege of hosting Jack Yang this summer. He was with our family for 5 weeks. In that time we enjoyed getting to know him. He loved every chance he had to play with other children. He always had a good time, even with the language barrier. He got a long very well with children of all ages. He loved traveling and was always excited to see where we were going next. He never experienced any car sickness on our travels. At home, Jack was always helpful when it came to putting things away and organized our kitchen and pantry quite often. J He also helped unload the dishwasher. He loved to eat noodles and would help get dinner together. He took a shower every night and brushed his teeth. He loved doing puzzles and playing cards with different members of the family. He loved swimming with other children. He used floaties but it was pretty clear he wanted to learn how to swim so he could be free of them. We did get 2 cavities filled while he was here. The dentist said they were quite deep, but should be fine now. We also took him to the eye doctor while he was here. His vision was very good with no concerns at all. Jack will love being in a family, but he will benefit the most if one of the parents is a stay at home parent. He needs firm guidance. He can be physical to get attention or to try and get his way. He will need someone who can’t be easily pushed around and is willing to take the time and effort he needs to learn he is the child and it is ok to have parents tell you no. He did ok with our dogs, but there again, he needs to be closely supervised and guided to understand how to play and pet the dogs. He had a tendency to pester them until they barked at him. Our dogs are very docile, but a more aggressive dog might have snapped at him. No pets may be the best, but close supervision would be a must. A family with children close to Jack’s age would be great for him. I think he would benefit so much from seeing the routines of other children in the family. Our boys are older, so it made it more difficult to see the routines of the family as the bed times were much different. We are more than happy to talk to any family that might be interested in adopting Jack”

Theo (2)Hi! My name is Theo, and I am going to be turning 13 in November. I’m a little bit behind my friends developmentally, but that doesn’t stop me from being a caring and helpful kiddo! I love to help my teachers in the classroom and am always helping to care for younger kiddos who may need a little extra assistance. I love to run outside and play soccer, and am described by my caregivers as very active and outgoing. One of my favorite games is a pretend cooking game, where I put on a chef’s hat and “cook” for the other kiddos in my class. I hope to find a loving forever family soon. You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you’d like to find out more information about adopting me!


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