New Kids on the Block

RupertHi there! My name is Rupert and I just turned 2 years old. My doctor’s tell me that my genital region formed a little differently than some of my friends, and that I have a small hemangioma on my eyelid, but I don’t let that keep me down! My mental development is normal compared with my peers. I like to laugh and play with my friends. I love it when my foster parents hold me. You can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me! I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!

CodyHello! My name is Cody and I am 7 years old. My file indicates that I once had a hernia but have received surgery for it and am doing much better! I am described as being extremely helpful and I’m always assisting my caretakers with the younger kiddos. I love putting together puzzles and playing with my friends. I have great self-care ability and am described as being active, easygoing and introverted. I live in a foster family and attend school on the weekdays. There is even more information about me in my full file so contact my friends at Great Wall to learn more about me!
EricHello my name is Eric and I will be 9 years old this October! I was born with down’s syndrome but I don’t let this stop me from being a happy kiddo! I love watching Spongebob Squarepants and singing children’s songs with other kiddos. I’m currently living in a foster family and I am described as being warm-hearted and helpful. This isn’t all the information about me so contact my friends at Great Wall to learn more!

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