New Waiting Child Updates!

Our China matching specialists recently received updates for many Waiting Children we’re advocating for! These updates help provide families with new information on the children’s development, needs, and personalities.

If you’re interested in learning how you can be matched with one of these kiddos, contact our China matching specialists today or visit our photo listing to see all of the Waiting Children!

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Meet Talia!

This beautiful girl is 11 years old! Talia was diagnosed with a cyst in her brain, but it does not appear to impact her overall development or affect her daily life. Talia is a smart, independent girl who does very well in school! She is in the 6th grade. She is very popular with the other kiddos and is described as having a shy personality. She has fantastic language development and is even able to say some simple English words! She is a bright, happy girl who would thrive with a family to call her own. Please reach out to us at GWCA to learn more about her!

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Meet Sage!

Sage is a sweet little girl who just turned 4 years old. She Down Syndrome and appears to be doing well overall. Because Sage has Down Syndrome, her speech is delayed, but she can understand what her caretakers are saying to her and can follow simple instructions. In a recent update, her caretakers indicated that she has strong cognitive abilities and interacts very well with kids and adults! Sage does not have any mobility delays, and she is a very active and playful child.

She does a great job at completing self-care tasks, such as getting dressed on her own and eating by herself. Sage gets along well with other children. She has a ready smile and is described as being a little sweetheart! Sage loves to jump and play, and she especially loves to dance with her caretakers! She’s very attached to her caretakers and loves to be around her nanny. If you would like to learn more about sweet Sage, please contact GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

Meet Max!

Max is a precious little boy who just turned 6 years old! He was born with a clubbed foot but had surgery to fix it, and now he can walk normally like any other child. Max also has one testicle that hasn’t dropped yet, but that is fairly common, and it will either drop naturally in the next few years, or a very simple procedure can be done to fix it.

Max is described as being an obedient, well-behaved, and outgoing child. He enjoys bath time, watching cartoons, and playing with other children. Max helps his nannies take care of the younger children in the orphanage. He can say many words and understand what others are saying to him. Max is said to be loved by everyone who meets him. If you would like to learn more about him, please contact us at GWCA today!

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Meet Peter!

Peter is a precious kiddo who just turned one year old! He was born with a congenital heart defect and a brain need, but overall he appears to be doing very well! Peter is currently living with a foster family and has shown very healthy attachment towards his foster parents.

Peter is very curious and loves to explore new things! He can sit up without assistance and has excellent fine motor skills. He can call to his caregivers to express his needs and is able to say “ma”! He is a happy, bright kiddo who would thrive with the love of a family. Please reach out to us at GWCA to learn more about him!

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Meet Erin!

Erin is an adorable 8-year old girl in need of a home to call her own. Her file indicates that she has mobility delays in her lower limbs, but with physical therapy, she has thrived! Erin’s caregivers describe her as a sweet little girl who is strong and brave. With therapy, Erin has improved her overall mobility and can now walk up and down stairs with assistance!

Erin has incredible language development and is able to speak in full sentences with her caregivers. She has a very curious mind and loves to learn. Erin has excellent self-care ability and loves to take care of the younger kiddos in the orphanage. Erin appears to be on target cognitively and overall is a bright, happy kiddo. If you’d like to learn more about this amazing girl, please reach out to us at GWCA!

Check out This NEW Video of Erin!

Meet Audrey!

This precious little one is Audrey! She is 2 years old and was born with Down Syndrome and congenital heart disease. Audrey is a snuggly, sweet little kiddo who loves her caregivers! She loves to play with toys and has excellent fine motor skills. She is an adorable little one who would thrive with the love of a forever family. Please reach out to us at GWCA to learn more her!

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Meet Wayla!

Wayla is a beautiful little girl who is two years old! She had hydrocephalus when she was younger, but she received surgery and a shunt in May 2015 and has recovered well from this operation. She also has some speech delays. Wayla is not walking yet but is crawling very well, and she can stand up when holding on to something. She can sit up by herself and play with toys.

Wayla is a shy and gentle little girl. She likes to push the ball between herself and her nanny. Wayla also enjoys threading beads. She is very attached to her nannies. Wayla will make sounds such as “ya” and “na” and can say “mama.” She likes clapping her hands when her nannies call her name. If you would like to learn more about her, please request to review her file today!

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Meet Milo!

This precious boy is 11 years old! Milo was born with cleft lip and palate that have been surgically repaired. He was also born with deformity of his toes. He is a very smart kiddo who is able to read and communicate with his caregivers clearly! We received an update on his condition recently, and his caretakers note that he has developed very well cognitively and does very well in school! He loves to play sports with the other kiddos in the orphanage and is very well loved by his caregivers. Please reach out to us at GWCA l to learn more him!

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Meet Adrian!

This precious boy is 3 years old! He has been diagnosed with a need related to the brain. Adrian has some delays in mobility and his cognitive development. However, he is receiving rehabilitation services everyday, including exercise therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. He has been described as being very active and optimistic. He is able to follow simple instructions, such as cooperating when his caretakers dress him and following his bedtime routine. He loves to play games with other children in the orphanage and likes to dance in his crib. Please reach out to us at GWCA to learn more about him!

Meet Luna!

Luna is a sweet little girl who just turned 7 years old. She has lived with a foster family for most of her life and is very close with her foster mother. She is described a being beautiful and having a happy disposition. Luna has a congenital cleft soft palate, which has not been repaired. Her physical development has always been delayed compared to other children her age. She also has a hard time balancing sometimes. A recent update indicates that her cognitive ability is delayed, although we are unsure at this time whether or not that is due to overall orphanage delays. Her CT scan came back clear with no abnormalities.

Luna is a brave girl and she will seldom cry when she falls down. She has an outgoing personality and likes playing with other children. She can speak in simple words and phrases. Luna has become a very good eater over the hears, and she rarely gets sick. Luna can put on her clothes by herself. If you would like to learn more about Luna, please contact the GWCA China Home Finding Team today!

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Meet Jason!

Jason is a sweet boy who just turned 12 years old. He was born deaf but has since received a cochlear implant, so he has quite a bit of hearing ability now. Since he received his cochlear implant 4 years ago, he has attended a special boarding school to help him learn language and speech.

Jason has great self-care skills and is a very easy person to live with. He has an easy-going personality and gets along well with others. He likes to draw and make models with his hands. Jason is good at math, and he likes to play basketball with other children at school. Please contact us at GWCA if you would like to learn more about adopting him!

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You can watch more NEW videos of Jason when you request to review his file!


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