Philippines Children Looking for their Forever Families!

At GWCA/CAN our waiting children deserve as much advocacy and support as possible. We know their forever family is also waiting for them, and our mission is to provide you with as much information on these kiddos as possible! Today, we are highlighting Molly and a sibling group: James, Andrea, and Johnny, from our Philippines program! They all need loving homes. Can you help us?!

**For more information, please contact: **

1) Molly’s full file and picture is available for review until the end of May! Contact us if you are interested in this beautiful little girl.

Molly was born premature in 2009. She was left by her birthmother in the hospital. Molly was also diagnosed with pneumonitis on her left lower lobe and thus required confinement. When she was admitted at the center, she was diagnosed with acute pyelonephritis and was given medication.

Molly can stand and walk on her own and climb stairs with the help of a railing. She can grasp and transfer objects and can pick up objects with several fingers. She smiles at familiar faces and coos and gurgles when talked to. She can vocalize sounds. She understands simple commands accompanied with gestures like “come here” and smiles when talked to. She uses gestures to indicate her needs or imitate speech sounds.Molly is assessed to have developmental delays and profound hearing loss, bi-lateral.


2) The full file is available for review until the end of May for these lovely Siblings!

The children were voluntarily surrendered by the biological mother due poverty conditions. The children’s birth father who is married did not acknowledge paternity over his children. The birthmother died of kidney failure and ovarian cancer in August 2011.

*James is now 12 years and 5 months old. He is physically active and spontaneous person. At present he is being assessed to know the condition of his left ear. He was diagnosed of mild hearing loss on his right ear and mild to moderate conductive hearing loss in the left ear. The child is advised for yearly audiometry. James enjoys outdoor games such as basketball, badminton, baseball and football. He has a good hygiene and independently washes his own clothes. He is currently in Grade 3 level. He is described by his teacher as punctual, obedient and eager to learn. He started to read Tagalog and English. He is a happy child and has several friends. He is one of the dancers in the center and church. His IQ level is low average.

*Andrea is now 9 years and 6 months old. She is happy, active and affectionate child. She is healthy and has a good hygiene. She enjoys her studies and attends tutorial class. She can read Tagalog and English. She wants to become nurse someday. Her IQ level is that of a slow learner. She is sweet and has several friends. She enjoys outdoor activities. She is strong willed person.

*Johnny is now 7 years and 5 months old. He is active and enjoys swimming and running with his siblings. Child has mild wasting (89. 5%) with height for his age based on Waterlowe’s classification. Nutritional build up was suggested. Johnny’s teacher complimented him for being eager to learn although he has short attention span. He continues to learn the alphabet. He can identify words like dog, cat, mat, and sad. He can draw and color. He holds pencil and crayon in a correct position. During free time he memorizes bible verses. He recites intonation with confidence. He enjoys attending school. His teacher described him as responsible student. His caregivers described him as loving, sweet and respectful. His IQ level is low-average.


**For more information on Molly or siblings: James, Andrea, and Johnny, please contact: **

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