TWO New Sponsored Stars!

Sponsored Stars for April!

This past holiday season, we had so many wonderful children come from China to participate in our Winter Hosting program. While many of these children now have families that are working towards bringing them home forever, there are still a few kids that are waiting. Among these children are Cal and Mya. In order to give these two the best possible chance at finding their Forever Families, we have split our Sponsored Star grant for April between the two, so this month there are TWO Sponsored Stars! As such, any family that moves forward with either Cal or Mya, while they’re our Sponsored Stars, will receive a $1,000 grant towards their adoption fees!

Meet Cal

Mr S dressed up-001Hi! My name is Cal and I am 9 years old. I have a growth delay and some urogenital needs but I don’t let this stop me from being a happy kiddo! I was hosted in the United States over the holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my forever family! I did very well with my host family and made great progress during my stay! I loved practicing my basketball shot and my host family said I was always up for the challenge of trying new and unfamiliar things! I am a very polite and well behaved kiddo that would do amazing in a family. Contact my friends at Great Wall if you’d like to review my file!

As our Sponsored Star,  Cal has a $1,000 grant available towards his adoption fees! If you are interested in seeing Cal’s file or learning how you can be matched with him, visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing or contact our China Matching Team today!

Meet Mya

MyaHi there! My name is Mya and I just turned 11 years old. I was hosted in the United States over the Holidays but now I am back in China waiting for my good friends at Great Wall to help me find my Forever Family! I am a healthy girl with some general developmental delays. The doctor my Host Family took me to while I was in America told us that most of my delays are just due to the fact that I was born premature and that I have grown up in an orphanage. I sometimes pull out my hair as a coping mechanism when I am anxious, but this is definitely something that my Forever Family can help me with when they adopt me. While I was in the U.S. I quickly picked up on many English words and phrases. I also learned to sing a lot of English songs like “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” “Happy Birthday” and the “ABC’s.” I really liked my Host Family and I would often tell them that I loved them and would blow them kisses. Since it was Christmas time when I was in the United States I got to participate in several large activities like a Christmas Eve Church Service and I did very well in that kind of environment, saying “hello” to almost everyone I met (I’m very friendly)!  There is so much more information about me in my file and from my time in America, so you can contact my friends at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting me! I hope my friends at Great Wall find my Forever Family soon!

As our Sponsored Star, Mya has a $1,000 grant available towards her adoption fees! If you are interested in seeing Mya’s file or learning how you can be matched with her, visit our China Waiting Child Photo Listing or contact our China Matching Team today! 

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Help Nash Find His Family!

 | 2 | Boy

Meet this 2 year old cutie from China named Nash! This sweet boy’s favorite type of food is just like him: sweets!  Nash is not only known to have a sweet tooth, but he is known to be a sweetheart among his peers. Nash does have exceptionally thin, long fingers and toes, and he has a speech delay, but that does not slow him down!  Nash is able to craw and even can walk when he assisted! His fine motor skills are on par with his peers. Nash is able to tear paper, use his thumbs, etc. Nash is on the shyer side, but is definitely an active two year old. He loves playing with toys and jamming out to some awesome music!

Nash is looking for his forever home! Help make that happen by visiting the Great Wall of China Adoption today!

Visit GWCA’s Waiting Child photo listing to request Nash’s file today!