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Ray (Grant)

Ray is a sweet boy who is quiet and a little shy when he first meets people. He is smart and has been showing us how he can count in English. He has learned several words and he likes to learn. He gets along great with pets, though he is reasonably cautious as well. He is helpful around the house. He notices when something gets dropped or forgotten and he tries to alert someone or help. He does have a hard time transitioning away from something he likes doing. Video games of any kind are his favorite! But he will cooperate with very little coaxing most of the time. He is smart and sensitive. Ray is petite and he seems to tire of standing or walking sooner than some other children his age, yet that does not seem to keep him from doing most things. He has taken walks, played ball, and climbed stairs. He does sometimes need help with getting up into chairs or in and out of the bathtub, for example, but he is very independent and will try things on his own and ask for help when needed. He was very patient and brave at the dentist and the eye doctor and does best when he has time and information. Ray is just a great kid that will make a wonderful addition to a family.” –Ray’s Host Mom

DavisHi there! My name is Davis and I am 11 years old. My doctors tell me I have something called hydrocephalus. I recently had surgery to help relieve this condition, and my doctors say that I will need another surgery soon. However, I am optimistic and I don’t let that get me down! I love to tell people about my experiences and my caretakers say I have a rich vocabulary. I especially love being curious and asking questions about the world around me; I even know some phrases in English! My caretakers say I am often painting pictures, playing with my friends and using my active imagination. I hope my friends at Great Wall can help me find my forever family soon!



“Shea is a very sweet, playful 12 year old girl, who would love to live in the states. She loves to smile and her smile lights up the room when she walks in. She loves to laugh, and her laughter is contagious. Dressing up, and wearing pretty bows in her hair are one of her favorite things to do every morning. When we go grocery shopping, she is helpful. She pushes the shopping cart, picks up the wanted items, and helps to bag the groceries. Shea is a good eater, she will try all kinds of food and she is not one bit picky. She loves to color and practice writing letters. She gets along with everyone, and everyone adores her. She is behind her peers in speech and school, however, she is a great listener, and is able to follows easy, simple directions. She will make a wonderful addition to forever family!” -Shea’s Host Mom


LolaHi, my name is Lola and I am 6 years old! I was born with something called CHD, so I have to make sure that I don’t make my heart work too hard. When I was born, I also had a few problems related to my digestive tract, but some nice doctors fixed them for me when I was very young. Now I am feeling much better, although I do still face some challenges because of hearing loss in both of my ears. However, I don’t let that get me down! I am a fairly quiet kiddo, but I also enjoy being active and am close to my caretakers. I hope that my friends at Great Wall can help me find my forever family soon!




Hi, my name is Hayden and I am 5 years old! I am a polite and happy little kiddo who loves smiling! My doctors tell me I have something called brain dysplasia but I don’t let that keep me down! I like building things out of blocks and playing with my caretakers. My file is a little outdated so my friends at Great Wall are working on learning more about me!

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