24 New Files from Orphanage Partnership

24 New Files24 New Files from Orphanage Partnership!

GWCA’s matching specialists recently received 24 new files from one of our Orphanage Partnerships! Among these files are both LID and Special Focus kids who are in need of forever families. Our matching specialists have already begun advocating for many of these children, and a few families have already stepped forward to welcome one of our newest kiddos into their home.

Orphanage PartnershipIf you’re interested in learning how you can be matched with a child from one of GWCA’s Orphanage Partnerships, contact our matching specialists today or visit our Waiting Child photo listing and look for our Orphanage Partnership icon (pictured right).

Why Are Orphanage Partnerships Important?

With thousands of Waiting Children in China, agencies have begun to partner with specific orphanages in order to create a more direct connection between children and adoption advocates. These partnerships allow adoption agencies to give back to Chinese orphanages by providing them with the resources to help prepare children’s files for international adoption and improving programs within the orphanage. Once our Orphanage Partnerships prepare a child’s file, they give it directly to our agency. This prevents children’s files from sitting on a shared list without advocacy.

Since we periodically receive both LID and Special Focus children’s files from our Orphanage partnerships, the families in our China adoption program are able to learn more about our OP kids as soon as their files are created. This gives them a greater opportunity to find a child who they feel will be a good fit for their family.

Contact GWCA’s matching specialists today to learn more about our Orphanage Partnerships and the role they play in matching children with forever families!

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