Connecting Hearts Care Package

Once your family has been matched with a forever child the wait to meet your child is probably the most difficult part. You’ve seen the beautiful face of your child and deep in the pit of your stomach you undoubtedly know that this your child, but now you must wait. The wait can be excruciating yet bittersweet.

GWCA offers a service for families that allows your family to connect with your child before they come home. This package is called our Connecting Hearts Care Package. This package includes a disposable camera for your child or ‘aunties’ at the orphanage to take photos so your child has some memories to bring home with them. A 2 lb decorated cake (if the orphanage will allow outside food), a stuffed mother panda bear and baby, a pillow with family’s photo, and a translated letter. Part of the package comes with the understanding that the orphanage will provide pictures for the family of the child enjoying their gifts.  Here are some photos that one of our families just received.

Look at all the fun gifts, her stuffed pandas and photo pillow.

She also received this tasty cake.

And how sweet, she shared it with her friends.

Oh boy it’s so yummy!

Working on homework with a friend.

And posing for the camera.

How fun for this family and their little girl, I know this family was so excited to see her in her daily life, and I bet she was more than excited to show it off.  To learn more about this care package and other’s you can visit our Legacy Journey website.




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