GWCA Families Meet With CCCWA Director

Thursday June 19th, five of our families graciously attended a reception at the NCFA  conference in Orlando, Florida. This reception was to honor the CCCWA Director Li and his delegates as this was his first visit to the United States. GWCA was honored to be a part of his visit. It was an incredible opportunity for Director Li to witness the benefits of American families adopting children from China.

At one point Director Li was chatting with GWCA’s President when he stopped mid conversation as he spotted a familiar face. He and his interpreter rushed over to greet a family and figure out where he knew them from. If you recall ‘Maya’s Journey Home‘ Director Li was present for the adoption of Maya. It was Maya’s family that he recognized, he was so pleased to see how far Maya has come in just one month and how genuinely happy she is.

One of the sweet girls that attended was our little Bella. She has been home about a year and half. Just months after coming home her family had her fitted for prosthetic legs. (Read her story here.) Bella is moving and grooving like any other child, it was heart-warming for all to see her beautiful smile and active personality as nothing can stand in her way. It’s strong kiddos like that with supportive families that encourage our staff to keep fighting for these children.

One of our families brought their three stunning daughters to meet Director Li.

These girls are all academic superstars and got a real kick out of meeting the Director. After overcoming many challenges this family is a beautiful example of how far these children can come with just a little love from their family. Look at those beautiful smiles!


GWCA is so honored to have been able to meet and greet with the CCCWA Director and delegates. We are so thankful to the families that contributed to this experience and for reminding us all why adoption matters.

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