Halloween Photo Contest Winners

The staff at GWCA are so grateful for all of the families that submitted photos for our Halloween Photo Contest.  If you haven’t had the chance to look, check out our Facebook here you can see all of our little Halloween cuties.  If you missed out, you can still email your pictures to shannon@gwca.org to land a spot in the album.

The staff at GWCA diligently voted on our winners, and it wasn’t easy!  So without further ado here are the GWCA 2013 Halloween Photo Contest Winners.

Spookiest – Headless Horseman Jacob







Cutest – Olivia as Minnie Mouse









Most Handsome – Zac is just as handsome as Maverick in Top Gun!









Most Clever – Juniper as Albert Einstein






The Biggest Sweetheart – Hailey as Tinkerbell









Most Unique – Emma as a Minion









Most Adorable– Go Cowboys! Harper the Cheerleader








Most Creative – Annika and Chandler did a great job with their homemade costumes.









Sassiest– Sophie as Vader Girl









Most Beautiful– Amelia as Cinderella









Honorable Mentions

Ethan as Woody









David as Eeyore









Mei as a Superhero









Leila and Malia as Minnie Mouse and Catwoman









Avery as a Native American

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