I Found My Family!

We are so incredibly happy to announce that a family in our China Waiting Child adoption program has been matched with this adorable girl through the LID track. Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

DueForever Family Friday to her young age and the fact that her needs are relatively minor/correctable, her file was considered LID. As such, the family that has been matched with her had to have their dossier logged in before they could view her file. If your family is interested in learning how you can begin your journey towards being matched through our LID track, contact our China matching specialists today!

What does LID mean?

In China’s Waiting Child adoption program, children’s files are either considered Special Focus or LID (sometimes referred to as Non-Special Focus) based on a couple of factors including their age and the severity of their needs. Children who are considered more difficult to place based on the fact that they’re older or have more moderate to severe needs are typically “Special Focus,” while younger children with more minor or correctable needs are generally “LID.”

Although the process of adopting an LID child is very similar to that of adopting a Special Focus child, there are a few differences. While families adopting a Special Focus child can be matched with a child on our China photo listing at any point in the process, families in the LID track must first submit their dossier to China before reviewing LID files.

For more information on the differences between GWCA’s LID and Special Focus adoption tracks click here, or contact our China matching specialists today!

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