LID Families: Avoid the Wait

Attention LID Families: 

An announcement released by the CCCWA has stated that families with dossiers logged into China are currently eligible to be matched IMMEDIATELY with a child over six years old that is HEALTHY.

If your family is remotely interested our Referral Team is standing by ready to help your family skip the long line and bring home your child soon. We must hear from your family by Friday June 27th in order to consider this option for your family.

To be eligible, you must have your dossier registered in China, your family should have a current home study and a current CIS approval. If your family does not meet these requirements and you are interested in pursuing this unique opportunity, contact our staff NOW.  We are here to discuss how to help your family move forward quickly and be matched with a HEALTHY child over six years old.

We look forward to finding these children their forever family, and bringing them home soon.

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