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SkylarSkylar is a beautiful 7-year old girl in need of a forever family! Skylar was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but overall she seems to be doing great! She is very talkative and is able to express her needs to her caregivers. She’s also able to walk long distances without assistance! She loves music and like to watch cartoons and play with the other kiddos. She also loves picture books and playing outside! She has been living with a foster family and has being doing great under their care. If you’d like to learn more about Skylar, please reach out to Great Wall!

AddieAddie is an adorable little girl who just turned 2 years old! She has cerebral palsy and muscular tension of her lower limbs. Addie has been receiving rehabilitation training which has helped her a lot. While she has developmental delays, she can currently crawl on her hands and knees and her caretakers say she is talkative. Addie has a ready smile and gets along very well with other children! She is obedient with her caretakers and they hope that she can find a loving family soon. If you’d like to review her information, contact one of our matching specialists!ArabellaArabella is a sweet little girl from China that is 4 and a half years old. Arabella was born without eyeballs, so she is completely blind. Arabella also was born with a valgus deformity of both of her legs, but it is not clear in her file if it has been corrected with surgery yet or not. She has good sleeping and eating habits and she likes to be cuddled.

Based on her recent video, you can see that Arabella can get around by feeling the objects around her.

Arabella’s file is fairly out of date, so we are working hard to learn more current information about her. You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Arabella. We hope we are able to find Arabella her Forever Family soon! Click Here to Watch Arabella’s Video!

SydneySydney is an adorable kiddo who will be turning 3 years old this July! Sydney has hydrocephalus and incomplete development of her corpus callosum, but overall she appears to be doing very well. Her left eye is also cloudy, and we are working now to determine her level of vision impairment. Sydney is able to walk with assistance, stand on her own, and clap her hands when she is happy. Her caregivers describe her intelligence as normal compared to her peers, saying that she is very clever. She loves to play games with her caregivers and babbles to communicate. She is a cuddly kiddo would really benefit from consistent medical care from a family! Please reach out to Great Wall China Adoption if you’d like to learn more! AutumnAutumn is an adorable girl that just turned 5 years old! Autumn was born with cerebral dysplasia, which has impacted her mobility. She is also blind in both eyes. Despite these needs, Autumn has made huge improvements in her overall functioning and mobility through physical therapy and hydrotherapy. Autumn also went into the care of a foster family in February of 2015, and their patient care has helped her to make huge improvements. Autumn can now stand for 30 minutes at a time while holding onto an object, and can walk without assistance for about a 10 minute period. She is a happy kiddo who loves to be in the water and loves to laugh and be tickled by her caregivers. If you’d like to learn more about Autumn, please reach out to Great Wall! JamesJames is an adorable kiddo who is 6 years old! He was born with vision needs known as Microphthalmia and Cataracts. James is very clever and smart. He can adjust to new environments and understands instructions very well. He is a great help to his nannies and is able to independently complete daily tasks such as getting dressed and putting on his shoes. James is described as a more introverted kiddo but is also very talkative once he opens up! He gets along very well with others and is closest to his caretakers. His caretakers mention that he has very good hearing and is great at relying on his sense of hearing and touch to get around. Please contact our Matching Specialists if you’d like to review his file! TessaTessa is a cute kiddo who just turned 10 years old! She was born with Hydrocephalus which she received surgery for when she was 2 years old. Tessa has also had some struggles with the mobility of her limbs. Currently she can walk alone sometimes but usually needs some assistance. Tessa is in a special education class and gets along very well with her classmates. Her caretakers describe her as a smart and polite kiddo. She is always helping her nannies assist the other children and is described as being helpful and obedient. Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review her information! DanielDaniel is an amazing kiddo who just turned 12 this past May! Daniel has cerebral palsy, but appears to be doing extremely well overall. He is able to run and jump on his own and loves to skip rope and hula hoop! His left side is slightly paralyzed, but he does still utilize his left hand in order to put on his clothes and take care of himself and the younger kiddos. He loves to go to school and is decribed as being a model student! He won third place in a puzzle and aero-modeling competition and first place in a drawing competition! His teachers describe him as clever, respectful, and kind to others. He loves to draw, sing, and spend time with his caregivers and other children. Overall, Daniel is thriving! Please reach out to Great Wall China Adoption if you’d like to review his full file!OliviaOlivia is an adorable little girl from China that just turned 3 years old. Olivia has cerebral palsy but her CT scan showed no abnormal findings on her brain. She was abandoned when she was a year old, but since they had to estimate her birthday based on her physical size at the time, but it is always possible that she was actually younger than what they estimated her age was.

As of when Olivia’s file was prepared (December 2015) Olivia is described as being a happy girl with who is always smiling. She is able to turn over by herself and raise her had up high when lying on her stomach. She is always stretching and quickly kicking her legs and feet and her caregivers say she has a lot of strength in her legs. She is also constantly stretching her arms, hands and fingers. Her caregivers say that whenever they give Olivia their fingers that she will hold on to their fingers with “her small, fat hand.” She is described as being a chubby baby and very lovely. Olivia is also described as being fond of listening to music and is very active.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Olivia. We hope we are able to find Olivia her Forever Family soon!

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