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It’s the start of a new year and we’d like a new start for these sweet kids. Our featured kids this week need your help finding their forever home. Whether they are destined to be a part of your family or not, we need your help advocating for them. Share this page with anyone and everyone and let these kids start off the year right, finding their forever families!









Hi, I’m Buddy! I am 4 years old and I always want to have my picture taken. I have something called congenital arthrogryposis multiplex, which makes my ligaments in my arms and legs a little stiff. I had surgery for it in 2011 and I have been doing great ever since! I am able to stand and walk, run, and play. I can keep up with my friends in school and in most activities. I can sometimes be shy, but whip out the camera and I am a total ham!









Hi! I am 13 years old, after next August if I have not found my forever family I will no longer be eligible for adoption. I was brought to the middle school in my city when I was 10 yrs old. Because I cannot hear I live with a foster family. The doctors say I have Hepatitis B, but it doesn’t bother me. I go to a special school away from home. I understand some sign language and can read lips. I have adapted to my new family setting and consider myself to be very clever, obstinate and outgoing. My passion is drawing, ask GWCA to see my art work!









Hi! I am Emma and I am 8 years old. I cannot hear or verbally speak but I am attending the school for the deaf in the orphanage. People say that I have learned how to sign faster than my peers. I love getting to help others and I am always eager to participate in activities. I really like to draw things in detail and my friends say I am a great artist! In the orphanage I get to perform dances with the other children and I love getting to show off.









Hi, I’m Ryder and I am 4 and a half years old! I love to listen and dance to music. When I was born, I did not have all my fingers and I am missing something called the head of the radius on my right hand. Because of this, I am also missing my finger and thumb on my right hand and it is a little weak. I have learned to do things on my own using both of my hands for support. When I first came to the orphanage I was a little weak, but I am a good eater and I am getting stronger and stronger. I am learning my shapes and colors, and I am catching up with my friends! I am able to communicate all my wants and have conversations, too. I love to play with my friends and run around outside.









Hi, I’m Fiona! I am 7 years old and I love to play outside with my friends and go to school. When I came to the orphanage in 2007, I could not walk or talk. The orphanage took me to the doctor and they did a scan of my heart. The doctor says that I have CHD, particularly something called Patent Ductus Arteriosus, but that does not slow me down at all. When I first came to the orphanage the doctors thought that I had cerebral palsy, but it might have been because of my heart condition that I was behind developmentally. I can be shy and quiet sometimes, but other times I love to talk and play games with my friends and aunties at the orphanage. I am doing great now! I am walking, talking, running, and developing just like my friends!

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