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There are many children waiting in China that are deaf and hard of hearing. This week we wanted to spotlight some of our cuties to find them a forever home.

If you have questions about these little ones or would like to learn more about them, please contact









Hi, I’m Brian and I love to play outside! I am 5 years old and I am Deaf. I am unable to speak verbally but I communicate with my caregivers through mimicking my friends and gestures. I have not been taught sign language yet either. I am very smiley and I like to please my caregivers through my actions. I get along really well with my friends, but sometimes I can get frustrated that we cannot communicate. I love to ride my bike and play with any type of ball!









Hi, I’m Jackson and I love anything that bounces. I am 5 years old and I have Tetrology of Fallot heart condition. I had surgery for this in 2011 and the doctors checked my heart in 2012 and it is functioning well! I am unable to hear my friends and caregivers because I am hard of hearing. I have been using a hearing aid and it has been helping. I go to therapy and I am getting stronger and learning new words! In 2013 the doctors found a cataract in my eye and I will be having surgery for this pretty soon. I love to smile and my caregivers say that I am funny when I laugh!









Hi, I’m Amber! I just turned 6 years old and I am a cutie! When I was younger, I had a hard time digesting my food because I had a deformity in my intestines. I had surgery in 2008 for this and it has been corrected. My speech is behind my friends because I am not able to hear fully. I can still communicate with my caregivers and let them know what I need, and I am able to follow their instructions. One of my legs is a little weak, but I am able to walk, run, and go upstairs independently. I am able to get dressed by myself and I know my shapes and colors. I love to look at picture books and my caregivers say that I am very kind.









Hi, I’m Dylan! I am 6 years old and I love to look at books. I have been diagnosed as Deaf and due to this, I am unable to communicate. I tell my caregivers what I need by gestures, but I have not learned sign language yet. I like to look through books and copy Chinese characters. I am very helpful around the house and I can take care of all my own needs. Even though I cannot talk with my friends, I love to play with them. My caregivers say that I am very caring and kind!









Hi! I’m Kendall and I just turned 2 years old. Although I am a quiet girl I am close to my caretakers. My left eye has corneal degeneration and I am missing my right eye. I still have troubles with my hearing and it has made it hard to keep up with the other kids my age. I can stand up on my own but I need a little help walking around. I am really good at recognizing the voice of familiar people and when I hear music I sure do like to dance around.

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