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Our featured kids this week need your help finding their forever home. Whether they are destined to be a part of your family or not, we need your help advocating for them. Share this page with anyone and everyone and let these kids start off the year right, finding their forever families!

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Hi, I’m Mackenzie and I just turned 4 years old! I love to play with my toys, especially the ones that make a lot of noise. I was diagnosed with congenital blindness and I am not able to see. I am super smart, on target developmentally, and I love to talk to my caregivers. I have been living in a foster home and learning so much! I can get around familiar places and I like to color on paper. One of my favorite things to do is listen to music and dance!









Hi! My name is Korbin and I am 5 years old. My doctors tell me that I have Autism. I still need adults help to put on and take off my clothes and I need reminders when to do some things like going to the bathroom. Even though I need some help when eating, I am not a picky eater! My favorite foods are dumplings and fruits. My foster family says that I have good motor development and I am very coordinated. I am a quite boy and I don’t speak. I like to listen to music and play with toys by myself. I just started studying in the kindergarten class and hope that I can do well!









Hi, I’m Bradley and I am 8 years old. I came into care when I was 2 years old because I developed a growth on my spinal column. I had surgery to remove it but it left my legs unable to walk. Due to the fact that I cannot feel my legs, I also need assistance going potty. All of this does not stop me from doing great in school and learning! I am very smart and creative. I have a great sense of humor and I am always smiling and laughing!









Hello! My name is Lisa and I am 11 years old. I am in the 5th grade and my favorite subject is Chinese literature. My doctors tell me that I am a Hep B carrier and also have a mild heart murmur. My conditions do not stop me at all! I love to jump rope and participate in fan dancing. People say that I am a sweet girl and when I get nervous I will cry. I love to do origami and my favorite animals are puppies, kittens, and rabbits. If I could have three wishes I would wish for a big doll, to take a ride on a big airplane and go outside for a picnic or BBQ.









Hi! I am Brandon and I am 10 years old. I have cerebral palsy so it takes me a little more time to finish tasks and actions but I can do lots of thing on my own. I can put on my clothes, take a bath, and brush my teeth without any help. I even like being able to help my caretakers with clearing the table and daily chores. I am studying in the kindergarten class in the orphanage and have learned names for common objects, colors, and numbers. I try hard in class and like to ask “Am I the best?” I love to be supported for my good work. Most of all, I love getting to paint with bright colors in class. I am always friendly to everyone and I keep a smile everyday. My caretakers say that I am empathetic and comforting to others. I just like to make others around me happy and keep them laughing too.

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