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It’s Valentine’s week and we need to mend some broken hearts! A family I spoke to recently made a very good point, some of our kids were born with heart conditions and definitely need special care, which is what we are raising awareness for this month. However all of these kids are suffering from broken hearts because they don’t have families to love them. Even if these kiddos aren’t meant to complete your family, share them with everyone you know. Their family is out there, we just need to find them. If you would like to learn more about these kiddos you can reach out to

Hi, I’m Quentin! I am a shy boy but I can be very active too. I have a good appetite and my caregivers think I am very clever. A wonderful group called Love Without Boundaries helped me receive treatment for my serious heart defect (single ventricle, complete endocardial cushion defect and persistent truncus arteriosus). Since my surgery in 2012, they have helped me live with a foster family and I have grown so much. I get wonderful care from my foster family and I love chasing after the other children. My foster family thinks I am a lovely boy even though I can be timid too.

My name is Blake. I have a birthday coming up soon and I will be turning 4 years old! Since last summer I have been living with a foster family and this year I started kindergarten. Since I have been diagnosed with Down syndrome and a heart defect I still need daily help from my foster family, but I am trying to do more like a big boy. Even though I am still a little delayed, I can go up and down the stairs all by myself have good basic fine motor skills. I can understand what my foster family says to me but sometimes they cannot understand my words clearly. It can be hard trying to find the words to express myself but I still enjoy playing with the other children. I am always energetic and try to keep a ready smile for the day!

Hi, I’m Amber! I just turned 6 years old and I am a cutie! When I was younger, I had a hard time digesting my food because I had a deformity in my intestines. I had surgery in 2008 for this and it has been corrected. My speech is behind my friends because I am not able to hear fully. I can still communicate with my caregivers and let them know what I need, and I am able to follow their instructions. One of my legs is a little weak, but I am able to walk, run, and go upstairs independently. I am able to get dressed by myself and I know my shapes and colors. I love to look at picture books and my caregivers say that I am very kind.








Hi, I’m Lucy and I am as brave as Superwoman! I am 10 years old and I was born with an meningocele. I had surgery for it when I was very young, but then the doctors discovered that I also had a dislocated hip and clubbed feet. I have had surgeries for all of these things and I am able to walk on my own now. When I had my surgeries my caregivers said that I was very brave and I did not even cry when they put my legs in casts. I have always been very smart! I study hard in school and my dream is to go to college and become a doctor. I want to help other kids like my doctors helped me!

Hi, I’m Lola and I am 4 years old. When I came into care I was diagnosed with something called  esophageal and anal atresia. I had an operation to correct both of these in 2011, and I recovered well after some good nutrition therapy. I have a difficult time hearing because of my bilateral microctia, but I am able to follow instructions and hear my caregivers. When the doctors looked at my heart, they saw that I have left ventricular false tendons, but other than that my heart looked healthy. My file says that I also have a curved spine, but I am able to fully walk, run, and jump. I really enjoy being active and independent!


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