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Hi I am Mariah! I am 7 years old. When I was younger I received a two-way Glenn operation and recovered well. I had a complete ASD; double outlets of right ventricle; severe pulmonary artery stenosis(under the valve), VSD(secondary), AO right arch right descending; and a formation of collateral circulation. I may need another surgery next year. I walk all by myself, jump, climb up and down the stairs and do most thinks on my own. I am a little behind my friends, but that is because as a young child I was very sick. I do enjoy my time playing with the other kids and enjoy sharing my toys with them.









Hi, I’m Garrett and I am 5 years old. I came to the orphanage when I was 8 months old because I am deaf. I used to be a little bit smaller than my friends, but with a lot of care from the orphanage I am doing great! I have not been taught any sign language yet, but I am still very social and love to play with my friends. I communicate to my caregivers with gestures that I have found express my needs. I love to watch cartoon and my favorite toys are my animal figurines. Great Wall got an update and they learned that I am doing great! I have been at the School for the Deaf for over 2 years and I am communicating fully in sign language. I am doing really well in school and I love to play football!









Hi, I’m Max and I am 8 years old! I love to play with any cars and planes! I was born with a cleft lip and palate, but I had surgery to repair it when I was just one year old. I may need another surgery on my cleft palate when I am a little older. I am very smart and I love to study in school. I can speak with my caregivers and friends without a problem! I have a big appetite but I love to eat all foods, even fruits and veggies! I am learning English words in school and I am getting great at them!









Hi, I’m Felicity and I am 4 years old. I was born with hydrocephalus and my head is still a little large. Due to this, I have a hard time sitting up and walking, but I am working hard on catching up with my motor skills. I am almost always in a great mood and I love to watch my friends play. I am able to pass toys back-and-forth in my hands and I can grab at toys I want. I am currently on a nutrition plan that is helping my development, and I also attend therapies. My caregivers say that I am a very happy kiddo!









Hello! My name is Wendell and I am a very energetic little boy. My doctors say that I have an abnormal development on my eye (possibly leucoma) and I am a bit thin. I haven’t ever had any serious illnesses but I am allergic to egg whites. Even though I have vision complications, I can still walk while holding onto the wall. I can listen for sounds to follow and can recognize familiar people’s voices. I am close with my caretakers and I like to imitate what they say. Overall, I am behind my friends in the orphanage, but I am working hard to try and catch up.


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