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This is our last week of American Heart Month. What have you done to raise awareness? Take a second and share this blog with someone you know to help us find forever families for these children. Jackson and Leo both suffer from heart conditions and need someone with a big heart to help care for them and give them the new start that they so desperately need.









Hi, I’m Jackson and I love anything that bounces. I am 5 years old and I have Tetrology of Fallot heart condition. I had surgery for this in 2011 and the doctors checked my heart in 2012 and it is functioning well! I am unable to hear my friends and caregivers because I am hard of hearing. I have been using a hearing aid and it has been helping. I go to therapy and I am getting stronger and learning new words! In 2013 the doctors found a cataract in my eye and I will be having surgery for this pretty soon. I love to smile and my caregivers say that I am funny when I laugh!









Hi, I’m Leo and I am almost 2 years old. I love to go to the park and play with my foster family! I have been living with them since I was very little. I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and CHD. Since I have been with my foster family, I have been taking supplements in order to get stronger. I am able to follow my caretakers voices and locate them when they call my name. I used to have some high muscle tension in my legs, and I am working on getting them stronger. My file is a little bit older, but my friends at Great Wall are working on getting more information!









Hi, I’m Shannon and I am 4 years old! I am outgoing and I love to talk. I am only able to say simple words, but I love to be the life of the party. I have something called Down Syndrome and two mild heart defects, ASD and VSD. I also have been diagnosed as a Hep B carrier. My caregivers say that I live a life just like my friends. I love to eat, play, and watch cartoons! I am always smiling and playing!









Hi, I’m Sarah and I am 9 years old! Right now I am living in an orphanage but I get to go to a Special Education school in the big city. My doctor say that I have cerebral palsy and I am a bit behind my friends. I do like to play with other children and I study very hard. I am friendly with others and I like meeting new people. My limbs can be a little still but I still love communicating with others.









Hi, I’m Shirley! I am 9 years old and I love to play dress up and with dolls. I have been diagnosed with CP and I had high muscular tension in my legs, but I had surgery to help with my tendons. I am currently attending a primary school where I am in Special Education classes, and I am learning a lot! I am able to recite poems, sing songs, and I am counting up to 40. I can learn what my teachers have been teaching me, but sometimes they have to tell me a couple times before I completely understand. My teachers say that I am very kind and attentive in class. I have been living in a foster family since 2006 so that I could get more individualized attention. I go to therapies every day to make my body stronger. I am able to take care of all my personal needs and I am very independent. I have been taught about adoption and I would like to be adopted!

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