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Hi, I’m DJ and I am 4 years old. I am a wonderful helper around the orphanage! I came into care when I was 2 years old because I had a meningocele. I had surgery for this in 2011 and my growth and development are on target! I am a little behind in my language development, but I can understand instructions and I always try to do things independently. I am working on getting potty trained, but it can be a little difficult since I had my meningocele. I am able to do all the same things as my friends physically. I love to throw and catch my ball! I like to watch cartoons, try new foods, and play with my friends.








Hi, I’m Haley and I am 12 years old! When I was younger I had clubbed feet, but I had surgery to correct this. After my surgery, I had to wear corrective shoes but now you cannot tell that I ever had problems walking! I am going to school and I am currently in the Special Education classes because of how my feet look, I am not able to attend regular classes. My friends at Half the Sky help me to learn more and they say that I am very studious and kind. I love to help around the house. I always help my foster mother to clean because she works so hard.








Hi, I’m Hudson and I am 2 and a half! I love to ride on my toy horse. I was born with a facial cleft, but I had surgery for it and it has been repaired. I can hear my caregivers when they speak to me, follow their voices, and look for my toys when they are hidden. My caregivers think that I am able to fully hear. I am able to speak and identify objects that are asked. I can call for my caregivers and identify them by name. My facial cleft has had no affect on my eating or drinking! I can identify all my body parts and my caregivers think that I am very smart! I know my animals, colors, and my fruits and veggies!








Hi, I’m Tim and I am 8 years old. I used to have something called clubbed feet, but I had surgery in 2007 and I am doing great! My right foot is still slightly clubbed, but I am able to fully walk on my own and participate in all activities. I have been very healthy since then, too! I go to school and I am a great student. I love to play with my friends and be active!








Hi! I’m Kendall and I just turned 2 years old. Although I am a quiet girl I am close to my caretakers. My left eye has corneal degeneration and I am missing my right eye. I still have troubles with my hearing and it has made it hard to keep up with the other kids my age. I can stand up on my own but I need a little help walking around. I am really good at recognizing the voice of familiar people and when I hear music I sure do like to dance around.

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