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It’s Adoption Awareness Month and we are so excited to share this week’s WOW kids. This month is also Epilepsy Awareness Month. This month we will be spotlighting all of our precious kiddos with epilepsy. Whether or not these children are destined to be your child or not, they belong to a family and we want your help to find that home for them. Bonnie, Louie, Sarah, Blake and Jenny are all beautiful children in our China Waiting Child program. They are anxiously awaiting their forever homes! Take a second to read their stories, and if you would like to learn how to bring them home contact or go check out our Photo Listings to view other waiting children.

Meet Our WOW Kids

Hi, I’m Bonnie! I am 13 years old and my caregivers say that I am very active and outgoing. I had an anacroid cyst, but I had surgery for this and now I feel great. I have seizures sometimes, but it is only when I get a bad infection and run a fever which is pretty seldom. I take medications daily to help manage my seizures. I work really hard in school, but I have a difficult time getting excellent grades. I am behind some of my friends in my fine motor skills and development. My favorite activity is going outside and playing with my friends or taking walks with them. I am really hoping to find my forever family SOON. I am almost 14, and will be aging out in March!


Hi, I’m Louie! I am 6 years old and I love to run around and do things on my own. I came to the orphanage when I was 2 years old and I had a lot of tests run by doctors. The doctors say that I have hydrocephalus but I have a healthy heart, lungs, and diaphragm. Also, one of my feet is 1 cm longer than the other but the x-rays show that both feet are very strong. This has not slowed me down at all! I went to live with my foster family in 2011 and I am learning a lot. I am a little bit behind my friends in school and sometimes I am slow at communicating, but I am fast at playing games. I love to play with blocks and build tall towers!

Hi! My name is Sarah. I am 8 yrs old. I have been at the orphanage since I was one week old. I have grown healthy and strong since being here, but I am very shy. My doctors think I may have Autism, but I am independent and prefer to take care of myself. I am not a picky eater, in fact I love to eat! I always eat all of my meals and snacks are my favorite.


My name is Blake. I have a birthday coming up soon and I will be turning 4 years old! Since last summer I have been living with a foster family and this year I started kindergarten. Since I have been diagnosed with Down syndrome and a heart defect I still need daily help from my foster family, but I am trying to be more like a big boy. Even though I am still a little delayed, I can go up and down the stairs all by myself. I have good basic fine motor skills. I can understand what my foster family says to me but sometimes they cannot understand my words clearly. It can be hard trying to find the words to express myself but I still enjoy playing with the other children. I am always energetic and try to keep a ready smile for the day!


Hi, I’m Jenny! I am two and a half years old and I love to play with rattles! I had surgery right after I was born to fix my CHD. I have been going to physical therapy since I was one, but I am still behind my friends in development. I do not really enjoy playing with my friends or talking with them, but I love to play with my toys. I cannot crawl or walk yet, but I can stand up all by myself for a little while. I am a great at eating, sleeping, and rolling over. I like to meet new people and I like to make a ton of noise!


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