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Hi, I’m Flynn and I love to play with my friends! I used to have a cleft lip and palate, but I had my cleft lip repaired when I was younger and then my palate repaired in 2010. When I was 2, I had a CT scan that showed that I had mild hydrocephalus. Now that I am bigger, I have been doing great and been healthy! I am doing awesome in school and make wonderful grades. My caregivers say that I am one phenomenal helper and I help around my home with the younger kiddos. They even tell me that they trust me a lot! I am not too picky with my food, but I LOVE to eat anything spicy!








Hi, I’m Nicki! I am 9 and a half. I have been living in a foster family since 2006. When I came to the orphanage I was just over 2 years old. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Since then, the orphanage has been working with me and I have made so much progress. I am able to walk with holding on to items and I am going to school. My caregivers say that I am extroverted, kind, and love to play with my friends. I am able to express my needs with my words, and I am very clever!








Hi, I’m Jeanne and I am 10 years old. I am super smart and I love to draw. I am postoperative for a hernia and I have a congenital dislocated hip. Because of my dislocated hip, I also have a curvature in my spine. Sometimes, in the winter I get eczema on my hands and feet. Even though my walking might look a little funny, it doesn’t stop me from running, climbing, jumping, squatting, or doing any activities that I want! I am studying in school with my friends and I make excellent grades. I speak Mandarin and I am able to fully express my wants and needs. I am overall just a great little girl. My caregivers say that I am active, outgoing, and very helpful. I had an evaluation done by an advocacy group and they said that I was ahead of my friends in my learning and expressive abilities! I have been taught about adoption and I would love to find a family of my own!








Hi, I’m Grady and I am 11 years old! I am very active even though my limbs are very short. I am able to walk, run, and go upstairs independently. I go to informal classes due to my size, but I am learning and reciting poems. I know my fruits, animals, and vegetables. I help out my caregivers with the tasks that I am able to. I help to stack chairs and clean the tables. I am able to fully follow directions of my caregivers and communicate all of my wants and needs. Besides the size of my arms and legs, I am healthy!








My name is Blake. I have a birthday coming up soon and I will be turning 4 years old! Since last summer I have been living with a foster family and this year I started kindergarten. Since I have been diagnosed with Down syndrome and a heart defect I still need daily help from my foster family, but I am trying to do more like a big boy. Even though I am still a little delayed, I can go up and down the stairs all by myself have good basic fine motor skills. I can understand what my foster family says to me but sometimes they cannot understand my words clearly. It can be hard trying to find the words to express myself but I still enjoy playing with the other children. I am always energetic and try to keep a ready smile for the day!

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