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There is something special about a few of our WOW kids this week. Maisey, Mary and Brandon are all wonderful children from one of our Orphanage Partnerships. GWCA works with several orphanages exclusively to help support the care of the children. This also means we have an extra special relationship with these orphanages and their staff and we are able to communicate with them more frequently to better understand these children and their needs. Many of the children from these partnerships are exclusively advocated for by our agency. We recently received several files on children from one of our partnerships. Many of the kiddos have been matched but there are also some that have not. Check out our photo listing to see more of these waiting kiddos.









Hi! My name is Mary. I am a sweet little girl who has been diagnosed with postoperative anal atresia/fistula, vitreous opacity of right eye, a neoplasm of right ear, and congenital microphthalmus of both eyes. I am able to crawl around but I cannot walk on my own just yet. I still need support while standing up and if you help me I can walk slowly. My caretakers have a walker for me so that I can get around better. With my walker I am able to go places, sit, and stand up. I am learning how to eat with a spoon but I cannot see things that are far away due to my vision. I get along well with others and enjoy playing with the other children. My caretakers think I am very energetic and active.









Hi! My name is Brandon and I am going to turn 2 years old very soon! I am receiving excellent care in my foster home and I am adored by my caregivers. I love to show them love and affection too. My doctors say that I have a portal deformity and an atrial septal defect, orthophoria of both eyes; a hydrocele; and an enlarged spleen. I am growing stronger everyday. I can stand with assistance, crawl, and can follow directions. I can imitate words but I cannot feed myself or walk independently at this time. I am always smiling and am eager to find my forever family soon! (Only a family with a registered dossier can be matched with this child.)









Hi! My name is Maisey and I am a very active girl! I have arthrogryposis and am receiving care by Hand in Hang Volunteers. An organization called Love Without Boundaries also is helping me to stay with a foster family who are very nice. I am growing taller every day and I love getting to play with the other children. I am working on sitting alone steadily and grasping things with my hands. I like to smile and I am very clever!









Hi, I’m Hyde and I am almost 4 years old! I came into care when I was only 2 days old. When I was found, I had a meningocele and it has not been repaired yet. When I was just over a year old, I was crawling by myself, stacking block, and taking blocks in and out of a cup. I could hold things in my hands and bang them together. I was also imitating words and trying to call my caregivers by name. My caregivers say that I am energetic and I love to smile. One of my favorite things to do is look at picture books. Now, I am able to walk, run, and climb! I am still using diapers because I have a difficult time controlling my bowel movements. I am talking up a storm and I can fully communicate with adults. I know shapes, colors, animals, and names of my peers. My caregivers say that I am very clever!









Hi, I’m Blakely and my 12th birthday is in March! I have been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I came into the orphanage when I was just over 2. When I was younger, I went to the doctor because I was very pale. They found out that I have anemia so I take a daily supplement. I have been getting many therapies through the “Tomorrow Plan” and, boy, have I improved! I am now learning with my friends in school and able to keep up with them. I am not walking or sitting up on my own, but I am able to function fully in my wheelchair. I can hold a pencil and write all my numbers and letters. My caregivers say that I am very sweet and hardworking. I have a beautiful smile and I am always in a great mood!

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