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What an incredible bunch of kiddos we have this week! These five are GWCA’s rockstars. It’s exciting when orphanages are able to provide videos for us to really see what the children are like. These kiddos all have great videos of them, singing, dancing and much more. Which one of these superstars is destined to be a part of your family? Share these kids with other potential families so we can find them their forever families!


Hi, I’m Zeke and I am 9 years old. The doctors say that I have a condition called thalassemia. It requires that I have blood transfusions every 1-2 months. Because of this, the orphanage has not allowed me to attend school, but I am still learning in the orphanage. I am able to count, sing, dance, do all my chores, and play just like my friends. When I get a little pale, my caregivers will take me to the hospital for the transfusions. I am a little bit behind my friends in math and schooling because I have not been attending school. I love to play with my friends outside, and I especially love to slide! I am very helpful around the orphanage and my caregivers say that I have a lot of pride!


Hi, I’m Henry and I am almost 9 years old. I have been diagnosed with CHD with Double exists of RV, and AV is deformed with two valves. My file has not been updated since 2008 so my friends at Great Wall are working on getting more information on how I am doing today! In 2008 I was active, on target with my friends, and living a very typical life.  I had a little bit of cyanosis because of my heart, but it does not affect my daily routine. I love to listen to music, sing, and be around my peers.  My caregivers say that I am loving and enjoy to play with my friends most!


Hi, I’m Emma and I just turned 6 years old! When I was younger I had hydrocephalus but I had surgery for this in 2010 and I have not had any concerns about this since then. Due to my hydrocephalus I used to be delayed from my friends. I went to live in a foster home in 2009 to get more individualized attention, but my file has not been updated. In 2010 I was walking on my own, but not quite speaking yet. My friends at Great Wall are working on getting updates to see how I am doing today!


Hi, I’m Annie and I am 8 years old!  I have been diagnosed with microtia and the skin on my face is a little bit pulled back because of this.  Other than this, I am doing great!!  I am able to hear and I participate in school.  I come home and complete my homework all by myself.  I have been living in a foster family and I get along with my foster parents.  They describe me as loving, caring, and lovely. I help around the house with all the chores. I can sometimes be a little bit shy, but once I get to know people I am able to open up! My favorite thing to do is read books!


Hi, I’m Charlie and I am 7 years old, I have been diagnosed with laxity of articular ligament of both lower extremities. My file is older so my friends at Great Wall are working on getting more information about how I am doing today! In 2008 I was able to stand with some help but not independently. My caregivers say that I am very kind and sensitive. I am very patient and loving.

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