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Adoption Awareness Month is well underway and we are so excited to share this week’s WOW kids. This month is also Epilepsy Awareness Month. Be sure to check out your local events celebrating both of these causes.

Whether or not these children are destined to be your child or not, they belong to a family and we want your help to find that home for them. Sharon, Charlie, Lexi, Bailey and Wilma are all beautiful children in our China Waiting Child program. They are anxiously awaiting their forever homes! Take a second to read their stories, and if you would like to learn how to bring them home contact or go check out our Photo Listings to view other waiting children.

Meet Our WOW Kids









Hi, I’m Sharon! I am 11 years old and I love to be the center of attention. When people come to the orphanage, I will be the first person to greet them and be hospitable. I have epilepsy, but it is primarily managed with medications. I may have one or two episodes a year, but it doesn’t slow me down. School can be a little difficult for me, but I make good grades and I am always respectful to my teachers. My teachers say that I am very helpful to the other students and compassionate towards my friends. I am always wanting to participate in different activities and I love to be active!









Hi, I’m Charlie! I am 9 years old and I love school. I get around in a wheelchair because I have osteogenisis imperfecta, and that means that my bones are weak and it makes it difficult to walk. I had an operation for this in 2011, but I may need another one soon. I go to physical therapy weekly and I am getting stronger. My teachers say that I am very hardworking in school and I have the grades to prove it. I am studying Math, Chinese, English, and Art. I have a lot of friends and I am very easy to get along with!









Hi, I’m Lexi and I am 11 years old. I am a very outgoing girl and I get along well with the other children. My doctors say that I have mild exotropia and I have a 2cm hemangioma on my chest. I am studying in the kindergarten class in the orphanage since I am a bit behind my friends. I think it’s because I have a bad memory but I am working hard to catch up. My teacher even helps me recite Tang poetry so that I can catch up. My foster mother also helps me with my homework and I am trying to get better at expressing myself and communicating with adults. I don’t always understand their questions and sometimes they don’t understand mine. I am a big helper with the house chores and I am getting along well with my foster family.









Hi! My name is Bailey. I am 5 years old and my doctor’s say that I have a deformed spine, deformed legs, and functional incapacitation along with Hepatitis B. I have strong flexible hands and enjoying playing on my bed since I can’t get around very well. Most of the time I am shy and quiet, but if I know who is in front of me I will talk non-stop. I pride myself on being very smart and articulate, I think I sound like a grown-up! Even though my legs don’t work my mind does! I eat mostly soft foods and my foster family helps me with that. My favorite thing to do is read picture books.









Hi! My name is Wilma. I am 7 years old. When I was little I lived in a small village until I was 4. It was hard when I first got to the orphanage, I had to learn to share, help others, and listen carefully to my teacher. I am open and active. I love reading books and doing puzzles. My doctor says I have a big curve in my spine, he calls it scoliosis. I also have trouble with my expressing myself verbally, but I definitely understand what my caregivers are saying. I feel better everyday and believe that I am getting smarter. I am making lots of friends and I think the caretakers really like me!

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