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Hi there, my name is George. I am almost 5 years old and have cerebral palsy. I am one determined little guy! I was sent to a rehabilitation center right before my 2nd birthday. Upon entering the facility, I could not hold things, sit up on my own, or speak though I could understand what I was told. Now, I can stand and walk with support, sit up on my own, and my hand coordination is perfect! I eat on my own, wash on my own, and love to participate in activities. In 2013, I was sent to live with a foster family but insisted on continue my training! I am speaking in simple sentences and love reading. I also love animal and car toys! My favorite times of the day are bath time and dinner time because I love to stay clean and to eat. I am a very outgoing little man who is hoping to find my forever family!

Hey! My name is Cy and I am 2 years old. My doctor tells me that I have something called PKU. This means I need special formula and have to have my diet monitored by my caregivers at the orphanage. Other than that I am an active little boy who likes to move around! I am good at following directions and am speaking using simple words. I am able to run and jump just like other children my age. I love playing with blocks and laughing. Hopefully my friends at Great Wall can help me find my forever family!

Hey there! My name is Miller and I am 4 years old. My doctor tells me that I have scoliosis and clubbed feet. I also have an inguinal hernia. Otherwise I am an active and talkative little guy who loves music and to play games with my friends. I am able to walk if holding onto something or someone. I get along well with others. I love to eat and my favorite food is bread! Hopefully my friends at Great Wall can help me find my forever family soon!


Hello! My name is Tad and I am 3 years old. I have cerebral palsy, but I don’t let it keep me down! I am receiving rehabilitation training to help me grow stronger. I love to play with toys and with my friends at the orphanage. My file says that I can’t sit up, but look at my photo I can stand! My friends at Great Wall are working on getting some current information on me. I hope to find my forever family soon!


Hi! My name is Colette and I am 7 years old. I had surgery to repair my spinal meningocele and my hydrocephalus. I received training to strengthen my lower limbs after my surgery, however I am not able to stand or walk on my own. I love riding around in my wheelchair though 🙂 I am an active and clever young lady. I am in school and love to sing songs and recite poetry with my friends. I even know some English! I love listening to music and can even play the piano. Hopefully, I can find my forever family soon!

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