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Hi, my name is Tucker and I am 1 and a half years old. My doctors say that I have CHD but I don’t let that get me down! I’m a little bit shy, so I sometimes prefer to play by myself instead of my friends. I am a rambunctious little man who loves to giggle and be hugged. I can’t wait to find my forever family so that they can give me hugs every day!


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Hi there! My name is Tristan and I am 6 years old! I just recently received surgery on my leg to correct my clubbed foot and I am recovering very very well! I have responded well to rehabilitation and continue to to make progress daily. My caretakers say that I am an optimistic and strong little kiddo that is never seen without a smile on! They also say that I am intelligent and that I pick up on new concepts quickly. My friends at Great Wall are working hard to find me a family that I can share my smiles with!

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Hi! My name is Dixie and I am almost 3 years old! Right before my first birthday some really nice doctors operated on me to repair a meningocele and hydrocephalus. I feel so much better now! I am now able to walk on my own. My foster family says that I am cognitively on target compared to other kids my age. I like to stack blocks, look at picture books, and listen to music. I am speaking and get along well with others. I can’t wait to find my forever family!

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Hi , my name is Sven and I am 3 years old! My doctors say that my language and motor skills are delayed. I can’t say many words yet, but I understand what those around me say. I can also sit, stand up and walk when my caregivers hold my hands! I tend to be a little bit timid and quiet. I enjoy music and always have a ready smile. My doctor says that I am making great progress! I can’t wait to find my forever family.


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Hi there! My name is Charlotte and I am 5 years old. Sometimes I have trouble controling my eye movements, which makes it difficult for me to see. However, I don’t let that get me down! My caregivers say that I am resilient and energetic. I really hope that my friends at Great Wall can find me a forever family soon!



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