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Adoption Awareness Month is well underway and we are so excited to share this week’s WOW kids. This month is also Epilepsy Awareness Month. Be sure to check out your local events celebrating both of these causes.

Whether or not these children are destined to be your child or not, they belong to a family and we want your help to find that home for them. Dina, Seth, Ruby, Kyler and Faith are all beautiful children in our China Waiting Child program. They are anxiously awaiting their forever homes! Take a second to read their stories, and if you would like to learn how to bring them home contact or go check out our Photo Listings to view other waiting children.

Hi, I’m Dina! I’m 10 years old and I have been at the orphanage since I was 5. I have epilepsy but it is not very often that I have an episode (2-3 per month). When I do, it only lasts a couple of minutes and my arms will get stiff and my eyes will shake. If I do not eat sweet foods, then I can avoid an episode. I really love to run and sometimes I am even the fastest in my class. I can count very high and write my numbers. I am a little behind my friends when it comes to learning, but it is probably because I cannot go to a formal school due to my epilepsy. My caregivers say that I am very hospitable, kind, and helpful. I like to help clean up after the younger kids in the orphanage. My favorite thing to do is sing!

Hi, my name is Seth. I was diagnosed with post-operative Congenital Heart Disease. I was briefly cared for by a lay Buddhist prior to being brought to the orphanage. When my doctor did a physical examination they found I had a single atrium to my heart. I had surgery to correct my CHD in October 2011. The surgery went well and I can keep up with all of my friends. I can run, jump and I love to play hide and seek. I am quiet but my caretakers say I am a boy with a quick smile. I really enjoy spending time with my caretakers and friends.

Hi, I’m Ruby! I am 8 years old, smart, and independent. When I was born I had a cleft lip and palate. In 2009, I had surgery to repair this and I have been doing great ever since! I had a test done that shows I am behind my friends in development, but my caregivers report that I keep up with them just fine. Sometimes my words can be a little hard to understand, but I keep working on my speech. I love to be active and social!

Hello, I’m Kyler! I am 3 years old and am super cute. I can be spoiled but I am close with my caretakers. In April 2013, I had a big surgery called a “right double-way Glenn operation.” My doctors say that I have a complex heart defect: transposition of the great arteries, pulmonary stensosis, and an ASD and VSD. My doctors told me that I am a brave boy but I will need to have another operation next year. I can be quite talkative but when I get around strangers I become shy. I like getting to play with the other children but since I have a big heart problem, I cannot go to school with my friends. I hope I can get better soon so that I can do more since I like to be active!

Hi, I’m Faith! I am 8 years old and I am smart as a whip! I have been diagnosed with a limb deformity of both of my legs. I work really hard in my therapy sessions and I have really improved! I can walk on my own when I hold onto hand rails. I can do most things all by myself during the day, but I need to ask for help going potty. I love to play games with my friends and learn new things in school. My teachers say that I have the best memory of anyone in my class! I can remember songs, poems, and stories for a very long time. My teachers have talked to me about adoption, and I would love to find a forever family!

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