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Hi there, my name is Joanna and I am five years old! I was born with a few conditions that the doctors call CHD and Turner syndrome. Last year, some nice doctors performed surgery on my heart, and now I am feeling much better! Right now I am living with a foster family, and we get along great! I am also enrolled in kindergarten, and my teachers say that I am attentive in class, eager to answer questions, and skilled at interacting with my classmates. I am very talkative and I love to put on performances for my teachers and foster parents! In my spare time, I also really enjoy playing with my best friend and my foster sister…our favorite games are hide and seek and pretend house! I also love it when my foster mom takes me to the supermarket and the local playground. I hope that my friends at Great Wall can find me a forever family to share my happiness with!


Hi! I’m Hanson! Due to my epidermolysis bollosa I see doctors and nurses a lot so I have a good relationship with them. Even though I get sores on my body, I rarely cry and I try to be very strong! I can be quiet but I love getting to play with the other children. Although I have some difficulty, I can walk by myself, and will cooperate when getting dressed. I like to sing and play with toys but I especially love getting to go outside. I understand what my caregivers say to me and I can express my needs as well as follow directions. My caretakers get nervous of me playing with other children due to my condition, but I really like getting to play around. I always have a ready smile and am a very active little lady!


Hi my name is Jill and I am 2 years old! My doctors tell me I have something that affects the way I hear so it is hard for me to hear soft sounds. I respond well to louder noises and communicate through gestures and smiles! I also have mild scoliosis and need some assistance walking but I don’t let that get me down! My caretakers love me and say I’m an extrovert who is always smiling and giggling. I love bright colors, swinging on the swing but most of all; I love to be held by my caretakers! My friends at Great Wall are working hard to find me a family that I can love forever!



My name is Daisy and I will be 5 years old in March! My file suggests that I have something called cerebral palsy but now I’m able to walk around all on my own! I also had a cleft lip and palate, but some nice doctors operated on it and I’m feeling much better now! I love to be outside, play with my baby doll, and listen to happy music! My caretakers say I am a curious and friendly little girl who can care for herself! My friends at Great Wall are working hard to find out more about me!



Hi there, my name is Joel and I am 9 years old! The doctors say I have something called thalassemia, so I need blood transfusions about every-other month. That can be challenging for me, but other than that I am a very happy kiddo! I have been living with a foster family for five years now, and they say that I have adjusted to family life very well! I am active, energetic, and great at making friends. Some of my favorite activities are listening to music, reading books, and playing games. I really loved the time that my foster family took me to an amusement park! I hope that my friends at Great Wall can help me find my forever family soon!


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