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This is the last week of Adoption Awareness Month and we are so excited to share this week’s WOW kids. This month is also Epilepsy Awareness Month. Be sure to check out your local events celebrating both of these causes.

Whether or not these children are destined to be your child or not, they belong to a family and we want your help to find that home for them. Gillian, Shawn, Marissa, MacKenzie and Jill are all beautiful children in our China Waiting Child program. They are anxiously awaiting their forever homes! Take a second to read their stories, and if you would like to learn how to bring them home contact or go check out our Photo Listings to view other waiting children.









Hi, I’m Gillian! I am 10 yrs old and I love to play outside and hang out with my friends. I used to have hydrocephalus, but in 2011 I had a shunt put in my brain and now it does not even bother me. I do still sometimes have seizures but since 2010 I have only had 13. I take medication every day for it and this helps me out a lot. I go to school in the orphanage and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with my classmates. I love to do things on my own around the orphanage and I can do almost everything by myself! My favorite things to do are sing songs and build things with my blocks. I love to eat different types of foods, I especially love sweets!









Hi! I am Shawn and I am 11 yrs. old. The doctors say that I have bilateral microtia. I can still hear some sounds if people speak loud enough. I am smart, curious, and organized however, I have trouble speaking. Sometimes I use my hands and gestures to communicate. I can read and write Chinese characters and really enjoy helping the younger kids with their writing. I get along with pretty much everyone at the orphanage and don’t mind helping out with chores. I really like to be active and run and play badminton. My favorite thing to do is take toys apart and put them back together.









Hi! My name is Marissa. I am 13 yrs old and after next October I will no longer be eligible to be adopted. I have vitiligo and I have lots of really cool little birth marks on my legs and one really large one on my back. My doctor says its called a nevus. I am very active and don’t ever feel pain or discomfort from my birthmarks. I can keep up with all my friends and love learning new things at school! I can do everything on my own and like to help out my foster family. My foster mom says that I have beautiful bright eyes and very big smile!









Hi, I’m Mackenzie and I just turned 4 years old! I love to play with my toys, especially the ones that make a lot of noise. I was diagnosed with congenital blindness and I am not able to see even close up. I am super smart, on target developmentally, and I love to talk to my caregivers. I have been living in a foster home and learning so much! I can get around familiar places and I like to color on paper. One of my favorite things to do is listen to music and dance!









My name is Jill and I am 6 years old. Doctors tell me that the shape of my head is a little different and that I have hyperdactylia of the left hand and foot. Lately, I have been able to go to the “Little Sisters Program,” where I have learned to sing, dance, and draw. When I sing I feel like I get to express my love for music! I love it so much that I lead the other children in songs. My favorite song is “A cat with colorful hair.” My caretakers say that I am lovely and polite. I enjoy getting to play with the other children and caring for my dolls. Dressing them up and feeding them is so much fun. I always keep a smile on my face because I know I am a beautiful girl.

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