New Kids

Meet Sophia! She is an adorable little gal who is about to be 6 years old. She was born with CHD for which she has received surgery for. GWCA advocated for her in the past and it was revealed that at the age of 4 she still had some difficulty standing on her own. GWCA is requesting an update for some new information on her progress so far! She is described as being extroverted, humorous and talkative! She pays great attention to her caretakers and loves to be teased! She likes toys that makes sounds and are colorful. She loves listening and dancing around to music! According to her file, Sophia was receiving rehabilitation training.

If you are interested in reviewing her file, contact one of our matching specialists today!

This sweet kiddo’s name is Noah! Noah is 7 years old. He was born with a meningocele and his spine and a malformation on the base of his skull. He also has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, but he has being doing great since receiving a shunt as treatment in 2010. He also received surgery for his spinal needs and seems to be thriving! He was hosted by a family in the United States during the holidays, and they had a wonderful time watching his sweet and caring personality shine through. He requires a wheelchair, but his host family believes he may be able to gain enough strength to one day walk using a walker. He is able to crawl on the floor, and his fine motor function is on target. He does not have function of one leg and the other seems to have the ability to be strengthened using physical therapy. His host family has said that he is a smart kiddo who has a very broad Chinese vocabulary. He attached very quickly to the family and had a wonderful time with his host siblings. He is a sweet, smart kiddo who would thrive with the consistent care of a forever family.

Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!

This cutie’s name is Marco! Marco is an adorable kiddo who just turned 3 years old. He has postoperative hydrocephalus and some overall developmental delays. Marco’s file is a little outdated, but we are working hard to find out more recent information. His file says that he loves to play, laugh happily, and spend time with his caregivers. His nannies described him as being a very adorable kiddo with a bright future. They are hoping that he can bring joy and happiness to his forever family.

Please reach out to Great Wall to learn more!

Meet Garrett! Garrett is an amazing kiddo who is about to turn 6 in March. He was hosted this winter by a family in the United States, and because of this we really got to see his incredible personality shine through. He was born with Down Syndrome and limb differences on his left hand. His host family describes him as being consistently happy and content, stating that it is clear that he has been well-loved and cared for based on how well he loves others. He can be shy at first but connected easily with his host family. He loves to play with other children and loves to be cuddled by caregivers. His host family has referred to him as a “genuine delight”. We love this kiddo here at Great Wall, and we would love to speak further about his adoption!

Please reach out to learn more!

Meet Dawson! He is an adorable kiddo who is 8 years old. He was born with congenital microphthalmus which refers to a congenital size difference in his eyeballs. It is unclear in his file whether he is completely blind or not but he does a wonderful job at managing his daily life on his own! He walks independently with a cane and does very well! He can go up and downstairs independently, can walk home from school, can dress himself and use the restroom all on his own. Dawson’s caretakers note that he has very strong adaptability and can pick up on new concepts very easily. He has excellent communication skills and can effectively express his daily needs. Dawson has a great sense of hearing and depends on this in his daily life. He loves chatting with other kiddos, singing and acting and is described as very energetic!

If you are interested in reviewing Dawson’s file, please contact one of our matching specialists today!

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I Found My Family!

We are so incredibly happy to announce that a family was recently matched with this adorable girl! Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN, we are so excited to continue following your journey as you take one step closer to bringing her home forever.

The Matching Process

Despite her young age, this sweet girl’s file was considered Special Focus (rather than LID) due to her medical needs. This allowed her family to be matched with her right away, rather than having to wait until their dossier was sent to China.

All of the kids on GWCA’s Waiting Child photo listing are considered Special Focus, meaning families are able to be matched with them at any point in the adoption process. If you are interested in learning more about any of the children that we’re currently advocating for or the needs that we commonly see among Special Focus children, visit our Waiting Child photo listing or contact our China Adoption Specialists today!


– Contact a China Adoption Specialist
– Visit GWCA’s Waiting Child photo listing
– Learn more about Special Focus vs. LID
– Learn more about China adoption

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URGENT: Aging Out – Grant Available!


Jonathan currently has adoption grants totaling over $10,000!

(UPDATE: Jonathan’s Sponsored Star grant has been extended through the month of March!)

When an orphan ‘ages out’ in China, they lose their chance to be a part of a family, to be safe, and to be loved. At the young age of fourteen, children are deemed ineligible for adoption, and their hope for a bright future all but vanishes. This is what Jonathan will be faced with unless he’s able to find a family who can bring him home by his fourteenth birthday this September.

Jonathan is an incredible kid. You can see this not only in the love that his caretakers have for him, but in the fact that countless communities have come together to advocate on his behalf with the hope that he will find a family before he ages out. With all of these efforts combined, Jonathan currently has a total of around $10,700 in grants available towards his adoption fees!

(Jonathan’s Orphanage Donation Fee of approximately $5,700 has been waived, a private donation of $3,000 has been made by a generous benefactor, and through the month of February, he has an agency specific grant of $2,000 as GWCA’s Sponsored Star.)

Despite the fact that Jonathan is completely deaf in both ears, he is able to communicate flawlessly using Chinese sign language. It’s clear that his cognitive development is right on target, as he’s able to quickly solve math problems, write in Chinese, and even write about 40 simple words in English! He is a great student who is helpful around the classroom and very loved by his teachers.

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys playing sports. He’s particularly fond of jump rope, ping-pong and badminton!

Jonathan has told his caretakers that he wants to be adopted, and regularly asks if it will be possible for him to have a mom and dad. If you’re interested in learning more about this AMAZING kid and the financial assistance that’s currently available towards his adoption fees, contact GWCA today!


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4 New Kids Added This Week!

GabeMeet Gabe!  Gabe is a precious 1 and a half year old boy from China that was born with Dandy Walker Syndrome and post-operative hydrocephalus. He received a shunt for his hydrocephalus and seems to be doing great overall!  His file indicates that he might have had a hemorrhage in his brain previously. Gabe is a sweet, happy kiddo who loves to laugh with his caregivers. He is able to turn his body and has excellent fine motor skills. He is unable to stand and walk at this time, but he appears to be making excellent progress overall. He is able to kick his legs and seems to be gaining strength. He can recognize his name and says “Mama!” when he is upset. He can distinguish between strangers and his caregivers. His caregivers love him very much and hope that he can have a happy childhood and a bright future. If you’d like to learn more about this amazing kiddo, please reach out to Great Wall China Adoption!

LandonMeet Landon! Landon is an adorable little guy who is 3 years old. He was born with an umbilical hernia but it does not seem to effect his mobility! He is receiving rehabilitation services to improve his gross motor skills. Landon lives with a foster family and seems to be very close with them! He can speak in short sentences but his language is slightly delayed when compared to his peers. He can simply express his needs and communicate with his caretakers. Landon is closest to his caretakers and is described as being a quiet kiddo. If you are interested in learning more about Landon, contact one of our matching specialists to review his medical file!CharlieMeet Charlie! Charlie is a precious kiddo who is about to turn 5 this March. Charlie was born with Down Syndrome and he seems to be thriving overall! He was hosted over the holidays by a family in the United States who has provided fantastic information on his health and overall well-being. Charlie bonded extremely well with his host family and loved to show affection to his host parents and siblings. He loved to sing into a toy microphone and dance! Charlie also had a great time playing outside with his host siblings in the snow. His host family would be happy to talk further about his time spent here in the United States! He is a sweet, social kiddo who would thrive with the love and care of a forever family. Please reach out to Great Wall if you would like to learn more!Jude Jude is an adorable kiddo who is 3 years old! He was born with epilepsy and G6PD which is a condition that effects his red blood cells. He is currently taking medication for his epilepsy and his file indicates that he hasn’t had a seizure since he was admitted to the institute. Jude is delayed on his language development compared to his peers but can babble appropriately to express his needs. He likes to listen to stories from his caretakers, listening to music and sometimes even likes to get up and dance! Jude can understand and act on certain instructions from his caretakers such as “clap your hands” or “go get your juice cup”. Jude is described as being a quiet kiddo who is on the more introverted side. If you are interested in reviewing Jude’s medical file, contact one of our matching specialists today!

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I Found My Family

Pan Xia Fei 2This week we are SO incredibly excited to announce that a family has begun submitting their paperwork to welcome this beautiful girl into their family FOREVER! We are so happy for her and her new family, and we can’t wait for them to come home!

China Waiting Child Adoption

Our China adoption program allows families to be matched with Special Focus children at any point in the process, making the adoption journey as a whole relatively quick! We receive new children’s files each week, both from our orphanage partnerships and from the Shared List, which provides our families with the opportunity to review multiple files until they find a child that they feel would be a good fit. Contact our China matching specialists or visit our photo listing to learn more about the kids that we’re currently advocating for!

– Visit the China Waiting Child Photo Listing
– Contact our China Matching Specialists
– Learn more about the China adoption process

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Meet Gloria!

Photo 1Gloria is an amazing 11-year old girl that has stolen the hearts of the staff here at GWCA! We have advocated for her twice before using the name “Katie” but have sadly not been able to find her family yet. Even when she is not on our agency’s listing, we think of this special girl often and are always hoping that she has found her family.

Gloria’s bright smile, sunny personality, and the love she has for the other kiddos really shows her gentle spirit and huge heart. She has been to the Bring Me Hope camp for two years in a row, making a lasting impact on the volunteers there. Due to her medical need, she has experienced rapid growth in her left leg, which has thankfully been slowed thanks to medication. Doctors recommend amputation as treatment, but due to the fact that her leg did not grow at all in 2016 it does not need to be pursued at this time. She thankfully has no pain in her leg and her mobility has not been restricted in any way. She loves to run, jump, swim, dance, ride a bike and do all the things the other kiddos in her orphanage can do! She is incredibly intelligent and talkative, even learning some English at the camps she attends! The more that we learn about this sweet girl the more we fall in love with her. She would thrive with the love and care of a family to call her own, and it is our hope to be able to find that for her! Her resilient spirit and bright and happy personality truly make her one of a kind.

Gloria’s Bring Me Hope camp counselors shared the following with us:

Gloria is a very special girl. I have been blessed to be her volunteer for two years at Bring Me Hope Camp, and can truly attest to the fact that she positively affects the people she comes in contact with. Her smile is absolutely beautiful, and her laughter is contagious. It has been a joy to get to know her!

During camp, Gloria especially loved painting nails. Hers, our camp director’s, other kids, a boys…it didn’t matter! 🙂 It was a joy to watch her carefully concentrate on making everyone’s nails beautiful. She spoke clear English as she asked people: “What color? Blue, ok!” The simple activity of nail painting truly showed her high intelligence. She not only spoke many English words, but was also so neat and proper in the nail painting.

Gloria’s special need is left foot hyperblastosis, which means that her left leg grows much faster than the rest of her body. That’s it! She is still fully capable of self care, running, and even graceful dancing. I feel that her biggest special need is for a caring Mama and Baba to lovingly and genuinely tell her how beautiful and amazing she is. We would always tell her that she was beautiful at camp, but she would respond with an adamant “No!” She needs to know how gorgeous she is, inside and out. Gloria is an awesome little girl, and I can’t wait to see her in her forever family.

Gloria lights up the lives of all those who surround her, and we’re so hopeful that she will find her forever family very soon. If you’re interested in learning more about Gloria or reviewing her file, visit our Waiting Child photo listing or contact our China matching specialists today!


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7 New Kids on the Block


Ava is an adorable little girl who is 5 years old! Her left ear formed a little differently and she has some language development delays. Ava doesn’t appear to have any mobility delays; she can walk freely, go up and down the stairs on her own and her fine motor skills seem to be on target! She can put blocks into a cup, can stack blocks, turn the pages in a book and draw using a pencil. Ava loves to laugh out loud and be active with her peers! She is described as being extroverted, happy and quick in reaction! Ava’s favorite activity is looking at picture books and playing games. If you are interested in reviewing Ava’s medical information, contact GWCA today!

LillianMeet Lillian! Lillian is a 3 year old who has post-operative hydrocephalus. Her file is slightly outdated so GWCA is currently trying to get an update on her condition. She was almost 2 years old when her file was prepared. At that time she had some mobility delays in regards to her walking and crawling abilities. She knew her name and knew how to respond to someone calling her. Lillian is described as being quiet and obedient! She is the happiest when her caretaker is cuddling her. Her file mentions that she is very cute little girl that everyone loves! Please contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to review Lillian’s medical file!1487117292Meet George! George is an adorable little guy who is 1 1/2 years old. He has post-operative anal atresia and post-operative transverse colostomy. His file indicates he also has some slight muscular tension in his arms and legs. George is very fond of dancing along to music and clapping his hands! He is described as being a happy and cheerful kiddo. George is receiving rehabilitation services and is improving! His caretakers believe he will continue to make progress. George can hold his head up while lying on his stomach, can roll from supine to prone position on his own, and can easily grasp toys in both hands. He can locate the direction of sounds, visually follows moving objects and laughs aloud. George is smiley and cute and we hope we can find him his forever family soon! Contact one of our matching specialists today if you’d like to review his medical file! AbbyMeet Abby! Abby is an adorable kiddo who is 8 years old. She was born with mild cerebral palsy and some language delays. Abby can communicate with language, eat and dress herself independently and can walk alone. She has been receiving rehabilitation training since 2014 and seems to have made a lot of progress! She is described as having a ready smile, is cheerful and has strong self-esteem! Her file indicates she is closest to her caretaker and other children her age in the institution. She is extroverted, fond of playing games and gets along very well with other kiddos! GWCA is currently trying to request some updated information on Abby. Contact one of our matching specialists if you’d like to learn more about her! Dylan Meet Dylan! Dylan is a precious little guy who will be turning 2 this March. He was born with hypospadias, which he has already had a surgery for. He also has a mild heart condition as well as a possible hemorrhage behind his eye. He appears to have some developmental delays overall as a result of growing up in an orphanage environment, but his caregivers say that he is doing well physically and is getting stronger each day! He loves to smile and spend time with his caretakers. If you’d like to learn more about Dylan, please reach out to Great Wall!EleanorEleanor is a sweet little girl from China that just turned 5 years old. Eleanor’s left ear looks slightly different than some of her friends, and it is possible that because of hearing issues in her left ear she has some language and developmental delays. Eleanor has been living with a foster family since she was one and a half years old, so she has been receiving better one-on-one attention and care than she would be if she was in an orphanage.

Eleanor likes playing with other children in her neighborhood and she enjoys playing outside. She enjoys dancing and will happily clap her hands she hears music. Eleanor gets along well with her foster family and she likes to help out with simple chores around the house. She is very sweet and when a guest comes to the house, she will carry a chair to the table so they can sit down, and she will wave goodbye to the guest when they leave. Eleanor can point out the different parts of her body when asked. Her speech and cognitive abilities have increased greatly since being in a foster family. Eleanor doesn’t currently have a very large vocabulary, but she understands what other people are saying to her and she can follow directions.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Eleanor. We hope we are able to find Eleanor her Forever Family soon!

 DonnaDonna is a cute little girl from China that is 7 years old. Donna was diagnosed with CHD (VSD, aortic stenosis, two of the abnormal aortic valve, PDA, PHT) and it sounds like she has not yet had surgery for it. Donna likes music and likes to dance to the rhythm. She likes to play with lots of different toys. Her favorite foods are bread, rice and black sesame. Donna’s file is a little bit older, so we are working hard to get updated information on Donna.

You can contact the China Home Finding Team at Great Wall if you would like to learn more about adopting Donna. We hope we are able to find Donna her Forever Family soon!

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Uber Helps GWCA Host Family

UberWhen a family is adopting, they will go above and beyond to make sure their little one gets home to them as soon as possible, and safe and sound! The Rhodes Family is the perfect example of a family that is working hard in super creative ways to bring their family together. Doug Rhodes started driving for Uber so that he could earn extra income for his family’s adoption of their 10 year old boy from China. Uber has agreed to help these orphan warriors by matching donations made to the Rhodes Family for up to $5,000! GWCA would like to thank Uber for supporting these orphan warriors and congratulate the Rhodes family on their hard work to get their little guy home! Keep it up! Read their story here!

The Rhodes Family hosted in the Summer of 2016 – we can’t wait to see them bring their little boy home forever!

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I Found My Family!

Matched1Hooray! We’re so delighted to announce that one of the families in our China adoption program has begun submitting their paperwork to bring this little guy home FOREVER!

It is so incredible to watch the spark that ignites when our advocate families put their mind to finding a child a loving family. This little guy will be joining a family of these Orphan Warriors, who have not only adopted through our China adoption program in the past, but who have hosted multiple kiddos in order to help them find families of their own. We are so excited for him and his new family, and we are looking forward to following their journey as they work towards bringing him home.

Congratulations from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

GWCA’s Waiting Children

All of the kiddos that are on our photo listing are in need of loving Forever Families, and you can be matched with them right away! If your family is interested in learning more about any of the Waiting Children in our China adoption program, contact one of our China matching specialists or visit our photo listing today!

– Visit the Waiting Child Photo Listing to learn about kids in need of Forever Families!
– Contact our China Matching Specialists to learn how you can start your adoption journey!

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Connecting Hearts

1This adorable little lady recently received one of our Connecting Hearts care packages from the family that she’s matched with, and it certainly put a smile on her face! What a wonderful way for her family to remind her that she is so loved and that they’re working hard to bring her home forever. Happy birthday from all of us at GWCA and CAN!

Sending a care package is such an incredible way for our families to help their kiddos celebrate an occasion or let them know that someone in the world is thinking of them. If you’re currently in the process of adopting form China and you’re interested in learning how you can send your child a care package, visit our website or contact GWCA today!

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